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'Toddlers & Tiaras' Recap: Two Sisters Compete Against Each Other & 2-Year-Olds Freeze Up On Stage

Thu, July 28, 2011 1:02am EDT by 3 Comments

These episodes are getting uglier and uglier! Tonight’s episode featured two two-year-olds who wanted to be anywhere else but the pageant and two sisters forced to compete against each other by their parents.

We always thought it was an unspoken rule amongst parents that each child in the family should be encouraged to find something that makes them happy, but is different from other siblings, lest the siblings end up competing against each other. Well not only do  Karley, 4, and Kylie, 6, both compete in pageants, tonight they both were forced to compete against each other for a title!

Earlier in the episode, the pageant director said that there were four pageants in the county they were in that weekend. Would it have been so horrible for Karley and Kylie to each enter a different competition? It was clear throughout the episode that the two sisters were very uncomfortable with the idea of competing against each other. Neither wanted to do better than the other and each wanted to be supportive but it was so hard when they were in competition mode. They were in the same age range category so they had no choice but to compete directly against each other!

The other two contestants featured were both two-years-old, Logan and Paisley (a.k.a. The Little Turd). When it came to the part of the competition that was their choice, the girls froze. They had clearly grown cranky waiting for so long and had to be dragged around the stage by family members. It made me wonder what the point of allowing children so young to compete is. Time after time we see these children being pulled this way and that by their parents, not even looking like they know where they are. It just seems like a waste of everyone’s time to me. Clearly, however, the judges don’t agree with me since they awarded Paisley Grand Supreme!

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–Scott Galina