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5 Reasons to See 'The Devil's Double': A True Story of Money, Power and Opulent Decadence

Thu, July 28, 2011 3:53pm EDT by HL Intern 18 Comments

Tired of sequels, romantic comedies and just mindless movies? Check out Dominic Cooper’s new flick!

With all the summer movie talk about the thrilling saga of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, hotties Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in romantic comedy Friends With Benefits, and funny flick Horrible Bosses … squeeze in some time to check out The Devil’s Double. attended the NYC premiere of The Devil’s Double at the Peggy Siegal hosted screening on July 25 at the SVA theater.

  • Dominic Cooper. Need I say more? The absolutely adorable 33-year-old phenomenally portrays Uday Hussein – the notorious “Black Prince” and son of Saddam Hussein – a reckless, sadistic party-boy with a rabid hunger for sex and brutality. Up until now, Dominic is probably best known for playing the (memorably shirtless) boyfriend, Sky, from Mamma Mia! and for dating co-star Amanda Seyfried.
  • Did I mention Dominic Cooper? Not just one, but two outstanding performances from the young British actor. In The Devil’s Double, as the title suggests, Cooper also channels Hussein’s real-life doppelganger: Latif Yahia, a lookalike army lieutenant forcibly ordered to serve as Uday’s “fiday,” or body double. His dual role is a breakout opportunity for the star, who emerges as a riveting actor in the changes of vocality of the two men. The tone and pitch differentiates between them; Uday speaks with a higher voice, and properly because he’s had a better education and Latif’s voice is much lower to make him more stable and calm.
  • Who doesn’t love a good gangster movie? The film has been coined “Baghdad’s Scarface.” Distributor Lionsgate is marketing it as the second coming of Scarface, with a poster of a gilded Cooper holding gilded machine guns atop a throne.
  • History Buff? The Devil’s Double is based on a true story. Set in decadent eighties Baghdad, the film takes you back to the lascivious, debauched, barbarous world of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.
  • The luxurious lifestyle of the “royal family” takes the screen. Armani, Cartier, Ferraris galore…

The after party following the film was held at the Top of the Standard. Ice T and wife CoCo, Michael Strahan, and designer Patricia Fields were among the guests.

The film hits theaters July 29 — this is sure to be one thriller that you won’t want to miss.

– Haley Draznin