Kate Gosselin Reveals: I Long For A Man For My Kids!

Wed, July 27, 2011 5:51pm EST by 5 Comments

Kate has been divorced from Jon Gosselin since 2009 and she makes it very clear that although she wants a man — she has trust issues!

Kate Gosselin and her eight kiddies want a man — now! The mom-of-eight took to her Twitter to banter with fans about why she’s been single for the past almost two years. As it turns out, Kate self-admittedly has “trust issues” and got rather deep with her followers.

“Would like to have another adult here tho at some point! Kids long for it too,” she tweeted. “I’m not in a spot to be good at trust … I get what you are saying tho. Its why I’m still just little me! All alone! Can’t trust!”

After all, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin did notoriously hit the town and hooked up with one of the family babysitters after the two separated. Kate has been linked for the past few years to her body guard Steve Neild, but other than a few photos of the two sitting closely, or spending a lot of time together — nothing leads us to believe that they’re actually an item.

Do you think Kate will ever settle down again?

— Chloe Melas

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Truth Be Told!

Posted at 7:47 PM on October 6, 2011  

HI 50, you hit that nail on the head but good!!! ^5

Shocking that the blogger actually believes there’s nothing going on with “the bodyguard”. LMAO! With his resume, he could find work ANYWHERE and get paid the same amount, if not MORE but did he?!? Now ask yourself WHY??? 2+2 still equals 4, doesn’t it?? “Nothing going on between the two of them”, my arse!! Hahaha … #shealreadyHASaMAN

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Posted at 12:18 PM on December 6, 2011  

Sorry – but after watching the body guard on the last episode – he was DONE with her whining, etc. He was making a decent wage for being her body guard! In addition to a regular wage, if he had to travel, he had his own expense account, hotel room, all meals, etc. His gross last year for her BS alone was 6 figures!

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Posted at 10:30 AM on September 10, 2011  

Kate is gonna have to get over herself, realize love needs to be returned when given. Trust issues??! if she berates and demasculizes her kids father i’d bet alot of men are thinking “how cruel would she be to someone that has no involvment in the creation of “her” kids.” she doesn’t want a mate, she wants a flunkie that will do as she says when she says without complaint, while treating her like the princess she believes herself to be.

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HI 50

Posted at 8:15 PM on July 27, 2011  

Seriously?! What man in his RIGHT mind would want to hook up with Katie Irene, Momster Dearest Extraorddinaire?! The only men in her life are her PAID employees/staff. That’s probably the only way she’ll get a man, if he is PAID!

Of course she has trust issues! She wouldn’t want to share the Gosselin 8’s mine, mine, all mine real estate & trust. She should be afraid she might attract a pedophile who would be in 7th heaven with a household of kiddies. She would have to explain her unusual relationship with Steve.

Qualifications needed for Katie Irene:
1. BE submissive to Ms. Dominatrix.
2. Be open & give consent to Momster berating, castrating, shreeking in ALL arenas! Especially in public and/or on camera.
3. Be open to being a live punching bag so Momster can vent her frustrations at will.
4. Be a slave to all her whims. 1st priority = serve her heinous coffee in bed to wake her up for the day.
5. Allow her free rein to your bank account.
6. Be a work horse around the house. When you come home from work besure to feed, bathe, change & put the kids to bed. When the kids are in bed be sure to clean the house, repair anything that’s broken or needs assembly. NEVER ever forget to use your coupons.

Katie will be exhausted tweeting, tanning, mani-pedicures, traveling with Steve & company. She seriously needs a man to be her SERVANT!

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Posted at 11:33 AM on August 16, 2011  

WOW!!!! you got that one right!!!!!! #6 is my favorite!!!!

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