Country Singer Hunter Hayes Left Speechless By Taylor Swift: Find Out How She Changed His Life!

Wed, July 27, 2011 9:05pm EST by 11 Comments
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Adorable country singer Hunter Hayes is about to go on tour with country sensation Taylor Swift, yet he is still completely in awe of the gorgeous superstar and tells a sweet fan story of how they met!

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to open for someone like Taylor Swift, and Hunter Hayes knows just how lucky he is to have been chosen to perform on her tour from July 28 — August 14. In an exclusive interview with he reveals exactly how he was selected!

At the mention of Taylor Swift, Hunter breaks into a huge grin, admitting that collaborating with her “would be my dream”, and that he is “a huge fan!”

Recalling the first time he met Taylor, he admits, “It was probably the first time I have ever been completely speechless.”

But not all fans get to become tour mates, so we asked Hunter exactly how it happened, and it is just the cutest story!

“I met her at the VMA awards in Nashville last year. And shortly thereafter, I figured out a way to get an iPod nano, loaded with a bunch of my demos and live video and a message from me, to her. I never expected she would listen to it, but she did listen! And then we got the call a couple months later to go out on tour with her!”

The 19-year-old hunk has previously worked with older groups, like Rascal Flatts, so he seemed especially excited to work with someone closer to his own age (and especially someone as beautiful as Taylor), saying that “that’s one of the reasons I am a huge fan of her — because she is my age. I relate to the idea that she is someone my age that went out there and did her music and is living the dream. I hope I can sit across the table from her and text her and ask her, ‘How’d you do this?'”

The singer, who plays 30 instruments on his new album and began making his own demo recordings in the seventh grade also talked to us about some of his favorite songs on his album and who he would love to collaborate with.

  • On his new single “Storm Warning”: The hunk revealed it was more about girls than it was about weather, saying, “I related it to this girl I wanted to hang out with and spend time with and get to know, but there were red flags everywhere telling me this was not a good idea and those were my warnings and I didn’t heed them. That is kind of where we came from with the song. And we poured it out over a couple of hours into the laptop we write on, and it just became our first single.”
  • On his song “Wanted”: : “’Wanted’ is pretty strong. I’m a dude so I come from it from a completely different perspective. I wrote this for a girl to say ‘I don’t just need to be with someone like you, I just want to hang out with you’. Of course she doesn’t know that I wrote it about her and she will never know. But ‘Wanted’ means a lot to me because I think we all want to feel that thing — someone just wants to be with us, someone likes our company. The album is full of songs — I wrote for three years straight — so the album is pretty much hand-picked by my team and I, but mostly me, so each one is pretty special.”
  • On another one of his fan moments, this time with Brad Paisley: “I got to meet Brad Paisley. He was on air on the radio when I was a kid, probably nine or ten. […] Mom and I were big fans and we were riding home from school and heard him on the radio. We knew the DJ, so we decided to go by the radio station and see if the DJ could introduce us. And we went and he introduced us to Brad, and Brad was so nice and shared the interview with me. Brad invited me to play with him that night at a place called The Stockyard Saloon in Lafeyette, Louisiana. It was really cool, I got to play with him. And he has remembered me ever since which is really neat.

Aww! Watch Hunter’s interview to learn more about him and check out his official music video below, as well as some more performances from the singer. Also check out the country cutie’s official website!

Blair Moylan, With Reporting By Lorena O’Neill

Hunter’s Performances at the ACMs in LA:

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Official ‘Storm Warning’ Music Video:

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Hunter hayes lover

Posted at 11:44 AM on July 31, 2013  

Yeah like that’s he real Taylor swift on here! Get a life!

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Taylor swiftie

Posted at 11:35 AM on July 31, 2013  

Omg Hunter is an amazing artist. I feel like “Wanted” was wrote for me! It was amazing to work with Hunter, an I have to say I really like him. He’s sweet, fun to be around, and insanity cute! I can’t wait to work with him again!
Good luck Hunter!

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Posted at 2:48 PM on April 15, 2013  

I would like Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift to get back together they look soo cute together.
I like both of them as contury signers

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Pat Pecenco

Posted at 5:36 PM on November 11, 2011  

Heard this for the first time today! I am considered an old lady at 58 but I have to say this is a GREAT entertainer and just a really sweet young adult!! I LOVED this song!
His talent is amazing!! You go Hunter. You have a grat fture!!

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Posted at 12:34 PM on September 8, 2011  

Seriously, It’s really stupid to bash celebrities when they are doing what they love. I highly doubt that either of you have the guts to get up on stage in front of millions of people and sing your heart out. Yeah, I hope you feel better about yourself for bashing someone else. Yeah, makes you look super intelligent, frickin idiot.

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Posted at 7:36 AM on July 28, 2011  

he seems to sing better than she does! And this is live as well. Seriuosly better in tune than Taylor S.

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Posted at 12:08 PM on June 1, 2012  

Taylor S is one of the best singer in the world and hunter hayes is a huge hottie

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Posted at 5:33 AM on July 28, 2011  

Maybe she’ll date HIM. She likes that to date, break-up and writeS stupid songs.

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Posted at 5:26 PM on April 10, 2013  

maybe she will date him she seems to have a boyfriend every frinkin week and uses them just to write a stupid

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Posted at 5:33 PM on April 10, 2013  

hunter hayes is a hottie and every time I look at taylor I need a barf bag

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Hunter hayes lover

Posted at 11:39 AM on July 31, 2013  

I personally don’t like Taylor but she doesn’t get to pick hat she sings. She sings what the record label tells her to. An she sings about break ups because she makes more money than any other songs.

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