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Hey Moms-To-Be, Are You Suffering From Pregnancy Fatigue?

Tue, July 26, 2011 3:12pm EDT by Add first Comment

Here’s the solution: ADULT NAP TIME. Better get it while you can!

You hear that once the baby comes you never get a good night sleep again. So, our HollyBaby Bloggers, Sarah & Neil, decided to sleep through their pregnancy. But now they can’t STOP snoozing! Can YOU relate? 
There is this amazing thing that overtakes your body once you become pregnant. FATIGUE. It is something I have never experienced before on any level what-so-ever. I used to be able to function on a good six hours a night. Now if I can manage to be awake for six hours straight it’s a miracle.

Beyond the nine hours of sleep I now require nightly I am also hit by a Q Train of fatigue around 3pm daily. Sometimes it comes on slowly building since noon, other times it comes out of nowhere and I swear I’m going to fall asleep mid-sentence.

The worst part is, all of this reduces me to a three year old past nap-time. Sometimes I have complete meltdowns. One day I was in the grocery store just picking up a few items. I had to call Neil, in tears, halfway through. After getting through the produce section it felt like my body had run a marathon. I was worried that I didn’t have enough energy to get through dairy and checkout without having to nap in the cracker aisle. Can you imagine “Um, we have a clean up on aisle 3, pregnant lady sleeping.”

Some women claim that for them this exhaustion only lasts the first trimester, unfortunately I haven’t been one of those women. Other women tell me how lucky I am, “Get your sleep now, there wont be any time for it once the baby comes.” Either way, if you see a pregnant lady sleeping on the subway (or on the floor of the grocery store) don’t be surprised (if it’s me). It happens.

–Sarah Main

Despite the fact that Sarah has started to sleep longer and take more naps, she is not sleeping anywhere near as deeply as she used to. We live near to the construction of the new Brooklyn basketball stadium, and it used to be that the whole destruction of entire blocks wouldn’t disturb her one iota from her beauty sleep; now, the slightest toss or turn from me in bed is met with a sharp rebuke and sharper elbows.

And this has led to a manifestation of another not previously seen trait; talking in the third person. I can understand if the “I” became a “we”, as in “WE are eating for two” or “We went for a walk today” etc. The new person is “the pregnant woman,” as in, “Who eats a pregnant woman’s sour candy?” or her favorite lately, “Who purposely wakes up a pregnant woman in the middle of the night?”

The fact that I tried to crawl out of bed quieter than a church mouse, or that it is nine in the morning, only serves as fuel to the fire – “Who argues with a pregnant woman at this time in the morning?” I know the correct answer, “Me,” would only set her off even more. So I just apologize profusely instead. I’m told this doesn’t change after the baby comes….. or ever for that matter.

–Neil Eggleton

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