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Larry David Ignites New Palestinian/Jewish War Over Chicken & Becomes A Social Assassin in Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Mon, July 25, 2011 9:35am EDT by Bonnie Fuller Add first Comment

Only Larry David can incite hostilities which break out ALL over LA and in last night’s episode, July 24, Larry breaks up two marriages, gets into hand to hand combat over chocolate cake and then is stuck in the middle of a chicken war.

Hopefully you weren’t hungry when you watched last night’s episode or your stomach would have been growling over the world’s BEST chicken, served at LA’s new Palestinian restaurant, Al-Abbas.

Larry David and Jeff gleefully settle in to eat there and announce that the restaurant would be the best place for Jews to cheat on their wives, since they’d never be seen.

Luckily divorced Larry won’t be lured into cheating except on his religion when he spots the gorgeous “Shara,” who either works or is a regular at Al-Abbas. “There’s the future Mrs. David,” he tells Jeff.

While the mouthwatering Palestinian chicken is a major theme of the episode. The other is Larry’s role as “social assassin.”

It all starts at a dinner party where the hostess, Julia, announces she’s just lost a ton of weight. Julia asks Larry to be her “dessert referee” and NOT allow her to eat dessert “no matter what!”

Naturally when dessert comes Julie reaches for the chocolate cake, and Larry intervenes and he and Julia end up in hand to hand combat and on the floor at the party.

All of this impresses another guest, Ron, so much he asks Larry intervene with his ball-busting wife Eileen who has the annoying habit of saying LOL, whenever she hears something funny, instead of laughing out loud herself.

He convinces Larry to confront Eileen, who swiftly realizes her husband has put Larry up to confronting her and a husband/wife blowup erupts.

Next Larry and Jeff convince their newly religious friend Marty Funkhouser to come to Al-Abbas, but when he won’t remove hsis yamaka (Jewish skullcap) before entering so Larry tries to snatch it off his head.

Marty stomps off and the Palestinians who are watching the scene from the restaurant window, break into cheers. Shara is impressed!

She tells Larry: “You’re a big Jew and you still told you friend to take off his Jew cap… Call me!”

This is of course the ultimate turn-on for Larry who says about having a Palestinian lover! “Not only doesn’t she want you, she doesn’t even acknowledge your night to exist.”

But just as Larry is savoring the idea of seeing Shara, he and Jeff spot Ron’s wife Eileen coming into Al-Abbas with their other friend Eddie, who is married to Julia, the woman who asked Larry to dessert referee. THEY’RE CHEATING!

Jeff scurries out because his wife Susie is besties with Julie and he can’t “see” the cheating, leaving Larry to talk to Eddie. Eddie quickly confesses that he and Eileen got together after the LOL argument that Larry started. It was the “last straw” that broke the camel’s back.

Larry promises he won’t tell on “the cheaters no matter what!”. The only problem is that when he does tell Jeff, Jeff’s daughter Sammi eavesdrops and hears all about the affair.

Larry can’t keep the best sex he’s ever had in his life, with Shara, secret either. Right when he’s in the throws of sex, as Shara is calling him “Zionist pig” and “show me the promised land” etc. etc., Marty Funkhouser walks into his house and hears it all.

Larry tells him that hearing Shara shriek her anti-semitism during sex is a small price to pay for the amazing sex. “The penis doesn’t care about race, creed or color. It just wants to go ‘home,'” he tells Marty.

The amazing Palestinian sex however doesn’t make up for Larry’s dismay when he loses a big golf tournament because Eileen and Eddie’s affair is revealed just when Larry, Jeff, Eddie and Ron are about to win.

Larry’s final straw in the episode however is when he gets caught in a loud confrontation between Palestinians and Jews outside the new location of Al-Abbas, which is located right beside a famous deli.

As Jeff and Susie scream that Larry must join them in demanding that Al-Abbas should move to another locale, Shara promises to have sex with Larry and her sister Jasmine, if he comes over to “her” side.

Larry of course, can’t make a decision and the episode ends with him standing on the dividing line.

What can I saw about this Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, except that it was the ultimate LOL!

— Bonnie Fuller

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