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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Disgusting Human Being For Filing Divorce Papers When Son Christopher Is Hospitalized In The ICU!

Fri, July 22, 2011 11:23am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 25 Comments
Getty Images, Fame Pictures

Poor Maria Shriver! It’s just been revealed that she’s been in a Malibu hospital constantly since son Christopher was seriously injured this past weekend in a surfing accident. Meanwhile heartless Arnold filed for divorce!

Arnold Schwarzenegger you have just revealed what an ultimate lowlife you are. You are no hero. You are an angry, selfish narcissist!

How could you file divorce papers on Wed., July 20, knowing that your son Christopher was lying in a Malibu hospital, so seriously injured that he’s been in the ICU since last weekend? And Maria has been by his side constantly according to

Christopher is suffering from multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung, as a result of the accident which occurred last weekend. TMZ says that his condition has just been upgraded and thank God, he will be OK , but it’s been a pretty damn serious situation.

Arnold — don’t you care about your son’s feelings? If you did, why would you chose the week that he’s in intensive care to file divorce papers in which you refuse to provide Maria with spousal support or to pay her legal costs?

Who knew that you were this heartless a human being? We already knew that you were a cheating jerk who had an affair with your housekeeper Mildred Baena, who gave birth to your love child, Joseph, now 13.

But we thought that you still cared somewhat about your other four children, and Maria. You actually didn’t want a divorce, and that you were sorry for the pain you caused.

But now we know that this was NOT  the case. You’re NOT ashamed of what you did. You’re NOT trying at least to handle the divorce as painlessly as possible for all involved.

No, you are angry with Maria for not forgiving you and taking you back after 25 years of marriage. You’re trying to punish HER by refusing spousal support and you’re punishing her while she’s freaking out about her baby Christopher. He’s your baby, too!

Meanwhile, while  Maria is caring for her son – and every parent who has been through something similar knows you can’t leave a child in the hospital alone — you’ve been out and about taking care of business.Yes, you’ve visited him but you haven’t shared  full time care responsibilities with Maria.

Arnold, you were photographed out in a suit in Beverly Hills yesterday, July 21.

Did you enjoy torturing Maria with your divorce filing? I bet she’s so glad she’s severing her marriage to you, especially after these scumbag moves!

After her 25 years of devotion, standing up for your character in the race for California Governor, giving you four kids — this is how you thank her?

You are so dumb — you don’t even realize that you’re destroying your future film audiences as well as your family. They will not want to buy tickets to your films.

We want to Terminate you!

— Bonnie Fuller