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Lindsay Lohan Has To Start Seeing A Therapist Or She'll Go Back To Jail, Warns Judge!

Thu, July 21, 2011 3:55pm EDT by Add first Comment

Lilo’s not following the terms of her probation — and the judge isn’t happy! She needs to do community service & be reachable for her probation officer OR ELSE, says Judge Sautner!

Lindsay Lohan seems to be slacking when it comes to fulfilling the terms of her probation. Lindsay appeared in court today and received a slap on the wrist when Judge Stephanie Sautner told her that she better get her act together or else. On top of the list of must do’s that Judge Saunter provided, Lindsay must first and foremost find a therapist or her probation will be revoked and she will be heading back to jail!

“If I don’t have proof [of enrollment] in 21 days, I will revoke probation,” stated the Judge. This means that Lindsay must figure out how to pay for a therapist and find one by August 11 or she’ll be behind bars again.

Lindsay’s qualm with this is that she’s not sure if the Screen Actor’s Guild insurance will cover her therapy. Well maybe you should shop less, (you were wearing Christian Louboutin shoes while saying this) and the money would be readily available Lindsay!

That’s not the only reprimand that Lindsay got. Judge Saunter made it very clear that her probation officer MUST be able to get in touch with her — and her assistant can’t be the one answering the phone.

Lindsay also needs to focus on getting her community service hours done. “She can’t be nickel and diming these hours,” Sautner advised Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley. “Trust me, she is going to get held to that deadline. She is not going to get five more minutes. I know there is a movie deal. I will not take into consideration — ‘Sorry, I’m at the Gotti movie’ — I will not do it. She needs to complete the community service within the year.”

Lindsay has only completed 33 of the 480 mandated hours that she was ordered to do.

Oct. 19 is the date of her next hearing and that’s when she must have proof that she’s working on her community service AND completed the Shoplifters Avoidance Program.

If Lindsay can’t follow the terms of her probation, it’s time for jail, yet again!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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