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Sofia Says: 5 Reasons To See 'Friends With Benefits'– It Might Not Actually Be The Best Idea, But The Movie Sure Is!

Thu, July 21, 2011 4:45pm EDT by 2 Comments

This film may be the hottest thing since… well let’s just say it’s HOT! Justin and Mila team up in this super sexual romantic comedy, and you don’t want to miss it!

When since I first heard about this on-screen duo, I knew I would be seeing it if just to see the sexiest movie couple ever get together, but luckily it ended up being more than that. Check out my 5 reasons why this movie needs to be on the top of your weekend to do list!

  • I know a lot of you are probably thinking — “Wasn’t this  made a few months ago with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher?” Well, that was No Strings Attached, and the flicks couldn’t be more different! Natalie and Ashton’s love story is cliched. She’s doctor who works 80 hours a week, which is why she decides to use Ashton as her sex buddy. And she also has family issues because her father died, so she never let herself get close to anyone else — Yuck! Mila and Justin’s relationship is totally normal! They both have problems that have made them either emotionally unavailable or emotionally damaged, but so do we all. But neither of them have taken their problems to the extreme and using it as their explanation for not being able to commit. Mila is a typical girl who wants to be swept of her feet, just like in the movies, and Justin is a typical guy who takes things in their literal sense ALL throughout the entire movie and even manages to think he can get mad at Mila back just because she gets mad at him — such a guy move!
  • The supporting characters are just as great! Patricia Clarkson who plays Mila’s mom and Woody Harrelson who play’s Justin’s gay co-worker, are not only hilarious, but they actually tie in nicely to the storyline, giving insight to both Mila and Justin in their time of need. Sometimes even Mila and Justin need a third party perspective, who would have thought?
  • All the amazing cameos! Andy Samberg and Emma Stone get to play the exes who dump Mila and Justin at the beginning of the film. And two of my favorite characters in the film, Jason Segal and Rashida Jones play the lovey-dovey couple in the movie with in a movie that make Mila and Justin want to barf, and though I totally get why — it’s HILARIOUS!
  • Mila and Justin have great chemistry! Like they ever wouldnt?!
  • And I am not sure if I previously mentioned this before, but Justin and Mila together + naked + Justin sings = need I say more!.