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Five Babies Are Born Every Second, Staggering New Study Shows!

Thu, July 21, 2011 7:15pm EDT by Add first Comment

We’re in the midst of a global baby boom — an amazing 78 million infants are born EACH YEAR!

Newly released figures reveal the population is growing faster than ever and there’ll be seven billion of us by October this year!

The data, compiled by the United Nations, shows the seven billion mark will be reached by the end of October 2011, and projects there’ll be eight billion of us by 2025 and nine billion by 2050. Whoa!

To show how quickly the population has exploded, there were fewer than one billion people alive in 1800 and just three billion as recently as 1960!

Should we be celebrating this boom? “NO” says Robert Kunzig, the author of a new National Geographic article.

Robert says, “With the population still growing by about 80 million each year, it’s hard not to be alarmed.”

“Right now on Earth, water tables are falling, soil is eroding, glaciers are melting, and fish stocks are vanishing. Close to a billion people go hungry each day.”

“How we’re going to feed 9billion people by 2050 is a daunting question.”

Research shows the biggest boom is in the developing world — where there’s inadequate birth control, and families often struggle to feed and clothe their little ones, and that IS a worry.

What do you think, HollyMoms?

— Ian Garland