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One-In-Three Babies Are Now Born By C-Section! Is That Too Many?

Wed, July 20, 2011 7:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Cesarean rates have risen to double the recommended number in recent years. ‘Lazy celebs’ are being blamed for encouraging the trend!

Experts say C-Sections should be reserved for medical reasons only and the rate should be closer to 15 percent!

The rate for Cesareans in the US rose from 27 percent in 2008 to 34 percent in 2009, and experts are appalled.

“Obviously, a 34 percent C-section rate is far too high,” Jacqueline Wolf, a researcher at Ohio University, tels MSNBC.

“Medical reasons alone cannot possibly explain why more than one in three American women need major abdominal surgery in order to safely give birth.”

Cesareans are carried out when doctors fear complications during pregnancy and delivery, that are common with older and overweight moms.

Babies are also delivered by C-section when they aren’t sitting in the right position, or simply won’t fit through the birth canal.

But researchers also claim moms-to-be and their doctors frequently schedule C-Sections to suit their busy schedules — an accusation leveled in the past at celebrity moms like Victoria Beckham, who delivered all four of her children by Cesarean.

Alan Fleischman, medical director of the March of Dimes, said: “Cesarean section should be done at the right time and for the right reason.

“Some Cesarean sections are being done too early and not for the right reason. Convenience for the woman or her doctor isn’t the right reason.”

What do you think about these stats, HollyMoms? Are too many moms having C-section for the wrong reasons? Weigh in!

— Ian Garland

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