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'Switched At Birth' Recap: Daphne Makes A Shocking Discovery About Bay's Past!

Tue, July 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

This week’s ‘Switched At Birth’ delivered the biggest twist yet!

On the July 18 episode of Switched At Birth, Bay (Vanessa Marano), Emmett (Sean Berdy), and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) went in search of Bay’s biological dad, only to find that the man they were looking for was not the right Angelo Sorrento. Also, things heated up between Bay and Emmett, and he even kissed her in front of Buckner Hall!

Meanwhile, Regina (Constance Marie) broke it off with charming womanizer Bruce (Jason Brooks) after learning he’s still sleeping with his ex-wife, and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) finally admitted to having a gambling addiction. The biggest clincher and the most heart-stopping moment of the show, though, was Daphne’s discovery that Regina’s old guitar case is full of Bay — photos of her childhood, old schools papers, and other artifacts. Regina has known about the switch all along!

I think Bay definitely had a right to look for her dad at the club. I’m glad she took the initiative to take a chance and see what would come out of the situation. I also thought it was mature of her to tell Daphne and invite her along. I saw it coming that the deejaying Angelo Sorrento was not the right guy, since it was too early in the show for such a big drama to be unleashed. I’m happy Bay’s going to continue looking, though.

Regina, as usual, was being a brat toward Kathryn (Lea Thompson) after she refused to believe Bruce was still seeing Denise (Tammy Townsend.) She definitely made the right decision to leave him. He seems like a total jerk and I hope she doesn’t go running back to him! I admire Kathryn for being upfront about Bruce’s other affairs, since the two moms don’t usually get along.

Again, Bay proved her maturity by asking Regina, a recovering alcoholic, to confront Toby about his addiction. I think it would be very bold of him to admit he stole the tests and I hope he follows through with that plan. I also hope he doesn’t return to the table!

Emmett and Bay make a cute couple, but I think Emmett should have been more honest when Daphne asked if anything was going on between the two. No romance had flared up when Daphne asked, but Emmett definitely had feelings for Bay at that point and could have been straightforward about them. He seemed like such a grounded guy during the past few episodes, so I was surprised by this sudden change in his character!

Lastly, I was absolutely shocked when Daphne opened the guitar case and saw all those Bay archives! I literally felt sick to my stomach with surprise. It was such a great twist and I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

— Flora Collins