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Watch Rebecca Black's New Video 'My Moment' Here! And It's Better Than 'Friday!'

Mon, July 18, 2011 5:25pm EDT by 22 Comments
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The 14-year-old YouTube sensation’s much-awaited second single, ‘My Moment,’ hits the Internet  and we love it!

Rebecca Black rose to sudden fame after her infectious (and arguably hilarious) video for the song “Friday” went viral in March 2011, her latest single is just as good — maybe even better!

The new song debuted on Rebecca’s YouTube channel and her website,, and will be available for purchase on iTunes tomorrow, July 19.

In the epic video, we see Rebecca’s ascent from YouTube joke to all-American success story. She appears to be the leader of a young teen band which is absolutely THRILLED to be there. Then it’s off to Hollywood, where autographs, red carpets and hosting MTV are totally the norm for this superstar.

But it gets better! There’s dancing, where it seems the shimmying crowd is about to lose control, hypnotized by the music. At one point, Rebecca is so psyched to see her name in the newspapers that she blows a bunch of bubbles — art!

Yet life is not all fun, games and air drum solos for Rebecca. She even takes us behind the scenes of fame, to the grueling world of having your makeup done professionally and auditioning sexy backup dancers. But lo! She dances too? It seems Rebecca is a triple threat: singing, gyrating and burrowing her way deeply into our hearts.

“My Moment” is a song about Rebecca’s rocky road to stardom. Not everyone was instantly sold on the teenager’s vocals, and the lyrics of “Friday” were certainly also to target, forcing Rebecca to face seriously cruel criticism in the form of YouTube comments.

That’s in the past now — Rebecca will get the last laugh this time! Do you think her new single will be as popular as her last?

–Brooke Peoples