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6 Things You Never Knew About Model & Actress Beau Dunn!

Mon, July 18, 2011 10:27am EDT by 5 Comments

Actress and model Beau Dunn is about to take Hollywood by storm in the new NBC comedy, ‘Up All Night,’ starring Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph — she told six things you’d never expect about her!

Beau Dunn is a muli-faceted young woman who’s about to be on your television screen every single week! The college-educated model turned actress is unlike anyone else in Hollywood — not only does she give back to her charity, a foundation that helps educate women about a disease she has called Lipedema, but she’s also an accomplished sculptor! chatted with Beau — who’s an LA native — and learned six things we never knew!

1. Her new show is going to be hysterical: My NBC show is called Up All Night and it’s about first time parents. It’s about juggling work life and being first-time parents. I play ‘the hot girl’ in the office.

2. Performing is in Beau’s genes: “My mom is an actress, so I’ve always been in acting classes. At Pepperdine, where I went to college, I was taking acting classes and working full time as a model. As soon as I graduated, I had my first pilot season and it went really well!”

3. She’s really good at art: “In college, I majored in studio art. I’m a sculptor who creates extremely modern pieces.”

4. Her role model is the very woman with whom she works: “I really look up to Christina Applegate. She struggled in real life — she has babies, families and her hot career. I would really love to follow in her footsteps.”

5. Beau has a disease called Lipedema and started a foundation called “Cure Lipedema”: “Basically, it means you’re smaller on top and bigger on the bottom. It’s a fat disease. FORD modeling agency was doing my measurements and nothing was adding up. It’s physically where your bottom half swells. I’ve cut out carbs and sugars. My diet is completely different because I have this disease. I always thought, ‘I’m Italian, I’m curvy…it’s fine,’ but going to the gym and eating right wasn’t helping.”

6. She’s shooting for the stars: “My dream career path would be having a family, having a successful acting career, continuing with my modeling and doing art on the side.”

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