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Kate Hudson Requests Baby Nurse Because She Can't Sleep!

Mon, July 18, 2011 1:39pm EDT by 3 Comments

Sleep for a HollyMom with a newborn is hard to come by, even when you are a movie starlet like Kate Hudson! Sources tell us Kate needs a baby nurse because she has had barely any shut eye since her baby arrived!

Kate Hudson may not be first-time mommy, but like most mothers with newborns nothing can prepare you for the lack of sleep. Even the hottest stars in Hollywood don’t have the luxury of sleeping through the night when they welcome new additions to their brood. With Kate’s busy work schedule and two kids to care for, this Hollymom sought help for her baby-induced insomnia.

“A few nights ago at 10:30 pm Kate called the hospital asking for a baby nurse. The request of a baby nurse was solely to help Kate help her sleeping pattern which has been drastically affected since she has had her new child,” a nurse from Cedar-Sinai hospital told us.

Drastic times call for desperate measures and we can definitely empathize with Kate’s frustrations. There is only so much a mom can take when she’s running on empty and on the brink of another sleepless night. We hope Kate gets all the help she needs so she doesn’t burn out or take out her exhaustion on her fiance Matt Bellamy.

“She has had no sleep whatsoever since leaving the hospital, but she has been seeking as much help as possible for her recent child birth,” assured the nurse.

Kate was recently spotted in Malibu with her hubby-to-be getting a caffeine fix, looking puffy-eyed and exhausted. It’s a look we’re not used to seeing the bright-eyed and free-spirited starlet sport, so we know she’s suffering from sleep deprivation. Tell us what you think, Hollymoms! Is there anything harder than raising two kids on zero sleep?

Nicole Fukuoka with reporting by Russ Weakland

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