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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Reportedly Had An Up And Down Marriage With 'Heated, Horrible Fights'!

Mon, July 18, 2011 5:14pm EDT by Add first Comment
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New reports say Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce was a long time coming after a lot of recent ‘nonstop’ fighting! Jennifer is apparently ‘devastated’ after months of trying to make it work! So sad.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are staying strong for their children, Max and Emme , but their “amicable” parting seems to have come from a pretty troublesome relationship. “It was a roller coaster with them from the beginning,” a source tells Us Weekly, going into further details about their terrible fighting!
Us Weekly spoke to a couple of insiders who were close to the couple and exposed the root of the divorce that surprised Hollywood. One insider said, “They had a very up and down marriage. They would get into heated, horrible fights. Then, they would also go through times where they were extremely loving and romantic…It was a roller coaster with them from the beginning.”

Sounds like the happy couple wasn’t as happy as we thought. Their relationship was rocky to say the least and we are surprised it didn’t fall apart sooner based on all the emotional baggage that these two had.

A source told People that since the couple’s last performance together on American Idol in May, the two have been fighting a lot more often. According to People, the two split “after months of nonstop arguing.”

The couple may have put up a pretty good facade, but ultimately they had problems much deeper than anyone knew and it was about time that they surfaced.

Another source told Us Weekly that J-Lo is very upset about the break-up. “She is devastated,” the source admits. “Absolutely beside herself. This is someone she dedicated a long time to, and that she truly loved. “

Although this seven-year marriage seemed perfect, especially in comparison to the typical lifespan of Hollywood couples, it seems like the time is right for these two to go their own ways. A marriage ending is always devastating, especially when their are children involved. However, if they were really fighting as much as people say they were, maybe it’s best that they have ended.

Are you shocked to hear about their awful fighting?

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