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Danielle Staub's 'Famous Food' Recap: 'Heidi Montag Is Nothing But A Snake!'

Mon, July 18, 2011 9:26am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

The July 17 episode of VH1’s ‘Famous Food’ had more catfights than ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ seasons combined — and here’s Danielle’s exclusive take and what you didn’t see!

Vinnie Pastore asking for more money to clean a kitchen (as I predicted he would) is out of line. We don’t need to be cleaning a kitchen and an entire restaurant that is soon to be under construction. And I love how no one is protecting “our” budget, except for me. Allowing Vinnie to spend money out of our budget to make himself feel useful makes absolutely no sense. I am not trying to be mean, but you don’t clean up a mess on a construction site before construction is completed. Vinnie said anything over $300 would come out of his own pocket, so why is he now asking for another $300 (making it $900 total that he has spent)? Vinnie is the “labor department,” so he should stop screaming at me, roll up his sleeves and get to work. I think it’s a shame that Vinnie would feel the need to speak the way he does when it’s going to be a reflection in the end upon him and his abusive treatment of women in the work place. Heidi and Ashley should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping up on “girl code.” No matter how you feel you should always take the side of a female (as a female) in the work place!

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Let’s talk about Heidi Montag for a moment. The more Heidi speaks the more I realize she is nothing but a snake. She is taking credit for things that she has absolutely nothing to do with and not taking credit for the things that she did such as “Fame,” which was her idea. When I was asked to present Fame as the concept and name of the restaurant, everyone was behind me. As soon as Mike and Lonnie said it was a bad idea, no one wanted to claim it, which made it look like it was my idea and it was not. It is much easier for Heidi to throw me under the bus than to take responsibility. The only idea that Heidi had so far was Fame, and Mike and Lonnie hated it.

Heidi is claiming she actually has a thought process and if the show were not so chopped up and edited you’d see that I stayed that night and helped Ashley Dupre finish their concept board, Jake did nothing but pace around in circles and Heidi left early to get drinks (as she said she deserves it) with her husband Spencer. Isn’t it nice that Ashley thinks she is coming up with all of these ideas? Ashley said “I like picnic tables” Mike and Lonnie came up with the theme and food concept. Not Ashley, not Heidi, not any of us … it was Mike and Lonnie! Just remember that I became famous standing on my feet Ashley, you became famous for lying on your back. She should discontinue her hate fest on me and apologize for her disrespectful behavior in front of our bosses. We all know what is about to come in next week’s episode.

Just because all of the scenes of your vile and disgusting behavior aren’t being shown does not mean that they do not exist. At any moment, that footage can air. I didn’t come here to make friends with Ashley, so she should wipe that grin off of her face and stop pretending that I would be friends with her in real-life because I would not be friends with someone who sleeps with married men and ruined his marriage and intentionally destroying his political career so she could become known and get her name out there.

Ashley is a non factor in my book And I am extremely disappointed that she is being made to look good and glorified at this point in the game. Nobody was patting her on the back. I am baffled why anyone would think this isn’t just a little off. I hope and pray they don’t edit it any further to look any different. She is not playing this game. Ashley says, “Danielle just wrote Scott a check for 42,500.” But what she fails to say is we all agreed to pay Scott so that we could get started. I think it’s clear to everyone that I do not like Ashley Dupre. Perhaps if she would be truthful about who she really is and what she really wants I’d respect her – but I don’t like fakes and she is fake! She boohoos about her family being hurt by her being an escort 24 months ago, yet instead of leaving quietly, she jumps into a reality show to put it back out there … waking the sleeping beast. I hope production is not going to glorify her further in this series by using their editing skills because I’m disappointed thus far on what they’ve made her out to look like .

I want to thank Jake Pavelka for being the only person to come down and speak with me after being treated poorly in the workplace by Vinnie. He was the only one to step up and try to make me feel better and I greatly appreciate it. Again the constant gentleman!! I love my Three 6 Mafia boys to death. They will confirm what I am about to say. They did not just sit there and say nothing. Believe me, they had ideas that they threw back-and-forth, as well. For instance, one of their ideas was “Status.” Just because you heard me say it, that doesn’t mean it came from me. Editing can be tricky. As far as the menu is concerned, Three 6 Mafia and I did that entire menu together. We were not told to have a chef help us. We were told to do it on our own.

A few things I’d like to clarify that were edited out:

1) The checkbook was appointed to me – No one else wanted to take responsibility nor did they want to take their personal time to balance and do the ledger – I did.

2) The check that was written to Scott for design was only written after a full group decision to hire him so that we could get this restaurant going. I was one of the ones that did not actually want Scott I had my own designer that would’ve been free labor and we would’ve paid for materials only. But I got out voted, so reluctantly after all the cast wanted Scott, I wrote the check.

3) Juicy J held our 5,000 dollars in cash. Heidi was appointed this task but for some reason declined, so Juicy J took on cash and ran it all through me as I was in charge of collecting all receipts to keep on point w our budget and balancing the ledger which I did alone daily. And every penny is accounted for to date.

Definitely tune-in next week to episode three of Famous Food. Let’s just say, Ashley’s true colors will start to show through. Heidi will fall apart and begin her spiral. Vinnie will start to step down realizing he has to stop bullying Jake will start to step up. And Three 6 Mafia and I will have a voice together!

— Danielle Staub

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