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'Basketball Wives' Recap: The Ladies Taste Wine, Shop, & Fight in Rome!

Mon, July 18, 2011 10:32pm EDT by HL Intern 12 Comments

The ladies trip to Rome is short on Royce but not on drama!

In case you forgot, the ladies are in Rome! There must be something in the water in Rome because all of the ladies act so out of character! They can’t stop fighting! They can’t stop talking smack about each other! What’s gotten into them?!

Suzie sums up my feelings about last episode’s fight – and Basketball Wives in general—when she says, “I was confused before and I was even more confused last night.” With every episode these ladies drag me down further and further into the abyss of incomprehension.

Tami gives us yet another of her one of her pearls of wisdom when she describes her relationship with Meeka by saying, “Imma tolerate her ‘cause she’s here. But I don’t like her.” Suzie tells us that Meeka pulled her aside to talk about Tami. Then we see Suzie pull Meeka aside and say, “How are you feeling about last night?” I guess there’s a small discrepancy in the actual chain of events. They discuss the fight and then Meeka retorts, “I didn’t come here to make friends,” which I think works when you’re on a competitive reality show but not on a reality show about a group of friends.

Later in the day, at lunch, the ladies bring up the fights again and try to “work them out.” For some reason Tami is the only one eating at the entire table and continues to eat throughout the entire conversation. She accuses Meeka of “Googling her” and “being a fan.” It made as much sense watching it as it did reading it.

Through Twitter, Tami finds out that someone is telling Royce what’s been going on on the trip. Since, according to Evelyn, “Suzie can’t keep sh*t in,” all trails lead to her. They let Suzie know that, “Royce is not her girl like that.” I interpreted this to mean that Royce isn’t someone that Suzie should share personal things with because she has a big mouth. Is this accurate? Anyone?

The ladies go wine tasting but Meeka doesn’t show up. No one knows where she is and it seems like no one cares. Tami lets everyone know that she’s “upset that I have to talk about Meeka as much as I do.” So are we, Tami. So are we.

Evelyn fills Tami and Shaunie in on the Jennifer drama. In case you forgot, Jennifer gave a radio interview telling the hosts that she disproves of Chad and Evelyn’s relationship. Once Tami catches wind of an impending fight, she begs Evelyn to let her be the one to start it. Wisely, Evelyn declines. Evelyn says that once she gets the interview on tape, her and Jennifer’s relationship will never be the same. It will never be the same. Only it sounds like she’s saying: “Ih will neva be da sa,” over and over.

Evelyn calls Tami and Shaunie to her room because she’s going to confront Jennifer. In all the time they’ve had to think about it, no one can come up with a better place and time for said confrontation. Evelyn put on hoop earrings that are so big they look like silver hula hoops and actually restrict the kind of movements Evelyn can make with her head. Jennifer arrives wearing sunglasses that look like they’re on upside down. The fight happens and it’s slightly uneventful. Go figure; it’s the only one that actually makes sense. Evelyn storms out and Shaunie goes to get her. In a turn of events for Basketball Wives, Evelyn refuses to continue fighting and locks herself in her room.

Jennifer, Shaunie, and Tami have gone back to a room where Jennifer is crying for only the second time since she’s known Shaunie. Jennifer sits there staring at the other two with red, teary eyes, occasionally glancing at the camera to make sure they’re capturing it. They are.

The ladies decide that the issue must be resolved RIGHT THIS SECOND! They go to Evelyn’s door and bang and ring the bell to no avail. Not able to take a hint, Tami walks out onto the balcony and climbs around into Evelyn’s room to let everyone in because they are handling this TONIGHT!

Believe it or not, the preview for next week’s episode shows that another fight is in the ladies’ future! Can’t wait to see what happens!

–Scott Galina

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