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Rob Pattinson Should Pursue A Comedic Role, Say Hollywood Experts. Do You Agree?

Sat, July 16, 2011 8:02am EDT by 50 Comments

Now that filming for both ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘Twilight’ is over, Robert Pattinson has some time on his hands! Some Hollywood experts say Rob should pursue a completely different role than he has done in the past!

Now that Cosmopolis has wrapped, Robert Pattinson, 25, has some choices to make regarding his future in Hollywood. Should he do another dramatic film, or something totally out of his comfort zone? Hollywood experts weighed in, and most agree that he should do something totally different from Twilight!

Rob is familiar with roles in dramatic films, but there are some in Hollywood who say he shouldn’t go down that road again! Could we see the Twilight stud chalking up jokes instead?

“His Water for Elephants and Remember Me didn’t go over too well, so I’d stick away from drama,” Matthew Cole Weiss, director of Standing Still, said. “If he has comedic chops, that would gain him a lot more fans that aren’t teenage girls. But I think the best thing for him to do is work with HUGE directors in ensemble type films–like Soderbergh.”

Career Strategist and Family and Marriage Therapist Dr. Philip Dembo of tells, “You have to look at the theme of Rob Pattinson‘s roles, they have been primarily dark, misunderstood characters. I suggest he lighten it up and show us a different side to him.”

Even if R-Patz doesn’t go down the comedic route, almost everyone thinks he should do something different in his next movie.

Actress Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, 30, who starred in A Cinderella Story and Prom, suggests for Rob to do something out of his comfort zone, like an artsy role!

“He should be in a movie about the rat pack…or a movie where he can incorporate being a musician,” actress Aimee said.

Zombie author and creative screenwriting contributor Peter Clines feels that Rob should do something completely different from any role he has played before so he isn’t Edward Cullen forever! Should Rob shed his pretty-boy image and turn ugly?

“I think he just needs to get ugly,” Peter said. “Grow a scraggly beard, get a bad haircut, and take on some role that isn’t custom-made for a teen heartthrob.”

However, some do disagree, telling us that Rob should actually stick with his roots and pursue a role in another drama!

“He was great in Water For Elephants, it just wasn’t financially successful,” said a premiere talent agency assistant who wishes to remain anonymous. “I think he should stay in those realms of film. Drama is right up his alley!”

Nathan Bunker, Producer for the New Republic, agrees that Rob should continue doing what has worked for him in the past.

“I would think it would benefit him to take a harsher, grittier role based more on him being an adult rather than a teen,” Nathan said. “He will then be able to move about, just so long as he gets that grown-up-esque role.”

If Rob does go a different route with his acting career, I think he could blossom as a serious leading man in Hollywood. My advice to Rob: stop playing it safe and take a chance with a different role!

What kind of movie role would YOU like for Rob to chase next? VOTE!

-Josh DeMilta, Reporting by Sandra Clark