Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe Shouldn't Jump Into New Roles Opposite From 'Harry Potter,' Says Career Strategist!

Fri, July 15, 2011 4:45pm EST by 7 Comments

Now that ‘Harry Potter’ has wrapped for good, HollywoodLife.com consulted with a leading career strategist, who advises Emma, Daniel and Rupert on their next moves in Hollywood! Where do YOU want to see them on the big screen?

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have been playing their unforgettable roles in the Harry Potter films for 10 years, and it’s almost impossible to imagine them doing anything else! However, instead of trying to break free from their Potter characters (as some might suggest), leading career strategist Dr. Philip Dembo of CoachingLifeStrategies.com says they should proceed with their next projects slowly and ease audiences into the “new” them.

“I would advise the actors from the Harry Potter series to take what they have learned and utilize it to recreate and redefine themselves, rather than try and prove that they are not that character anymore. In other words, Daniel, Emma, and Rupert, the main three stars of Harry Potter have to pace themselves and not jump into some role that is the complete opposite of how we see them. This will work against them, ” Dr. Dembo explains.

Unfortunately for Daniel, Dr. Dembo doesn’t see him landing tons of leading man roles in Hollywood.

“It would be a wise decision for Daniel to do more theater, maybe some television and show us more of his skills and versatility,” he says. “He will have a tough time being cast as a leading man, because he doesn’t have the height or the looks, so he should concentrate on different character roles.”

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the 5’5″ actor.”Daniel has been smart all along, doing theater work and showing us different sides to himself. This is what makes great actors,” Dr. Dembo says, adding, “Take for example, Jodie Foster she was a child actor and was known for all those movies she did as a kid. She kind of disappeared, went to Yale and then reemerged as this beautiful leading lady.”

Dr. Dembo does think Daniel, 21, acted wisely by opening up about his struggles with alcohol. “It helps people see him as an real person who has real problems instead of just the Harry Potter character. This was perfect timing because not only is it healing for him to own his struggles, it shows that he is human and people can relate to that,” he explains.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dembo sees Emma continuing on with an impressive film career — but only if she treads carefully.

“For Emma I would advise her to do a Disney PG or PG13 movie rather than doing a movie where she gets half naked with Ashton Kutcher,” he explains. “You have to pace it out, it’s difficult for people not to see you as that original character you are known for. And if you don’t pace yourself or choose the roles carefully, people will always see you as that original character.”

Luckily, Emma has already wrapped a project that perfectly fits Dr. Dembo’s description — The Perks of Being a Wallflower — in which she plays a high schooler who’s eclectic and loves to party.

Ultimately, we’ll never see Emma or Daniel without thinking of Harry Potter — but we’re sure they’ll have amazing careers from here on out, don’t you? Sound off below!

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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Posted at 11:10 PM on October 24, 2012  

Also has this guy ever heard of typecasting?

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Posted at 7:31 PM on August 2, 2011  

And another thing…where does this guy get off telling any young person to limit their prospects to tv and theater roles. That is sick, especially if he has a license to treat people for anything. And everyone else is supposed to slow down, modify their career goals, and/or forgo opportunites so that the rest of the world has time to cope with the fact that Harry Potter isn’t a real boy but an imaginary one? What is this guy a doctor of or is that just his first name, “Dr”?

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Posted at 7:19 PM on August 2, 2011  

What a load of crap. To think poeple are arrogant enough to comment on other peoples’ prospects, abilities, looks…I find him extremely attractive. I think he’s a great actor & is just now starting to come into his own. Quite frankly, he reminds me of a young Timothy Dalton. As for height, some of the most respected, seasoned actors in Hollywood today are either unattractive by society’s standards (Tom Hanks) or short (Robert Duvall) neither of whom have been short on roles.

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Posted at 1:00 AM on July 18, 2011  

Yo Experts. Shut the F up. It is their lives and their careers. They should do what they want to do and if you don’t like it, get over it.

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Posted at 2:07 AM on July 17, 2011  

@ Cindy. I have read and heard arguments like yours but the life coach is right. Dan’s loyal Harry Potter fans will love whatever he does but he has not established himself as an actor who has wider appeal. It’s not just his height but a combination of things. I have seen everything he’s done and don’t find him convincing as a good actor and I don’t think he can sing at all. Most people still see him as Harry Potter.

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Posted at 8:51 AM on July 16, 2011  

Has this dr. guy even heard about “Equus”?? Dan proved himself with that one, and continues to do so, and that role couldn’t be much more opposite to Harry. The same with J. Pierpont Finch, the guy he’s playing on Broadway now – total opposite to moody, angst-driven, persecuted Harry. As for not having the looks or the height to be a leading man – dare we mention oh let’s see, Tom Cruise, who’s height challenged too? Or Michael J. Fox? Dan’s proven he can do both comedy (Potter, which has its comedic moments, H2$ and “Extras”) and drama (Potter again, “My Boy Jack” which is heartbreaking, and apparently “Woman in Black” which the trailer shows as very dramatic as well as scary). He can dance as well as the pros on Broadway and sings well too, and he’s a handsome young man who can look young and innocent or brooding and sexy (just check out his GQ photos this month – he “broods” with the best of them!). Alan Ladd was what, 5’3″ and was a leading man – so what if he had to stand on boxes to kiss his leading ladies? This dr. guy doesn’t have a clue, he really doesn’t, not about someone as determined and talented as Dan Radcliffe, anyway.

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Posted at 5:13 PM on July 15, 2011  

okay, i love both of them
but they are ACTORS!
we really cant expect them to keep being harry and hermiony untill they are both 60 or something. we have to give them space!
yeah, we (or atleast i) have grown up with harry potter and im sad to see them finish all the movies but they have to be n different movies to find who they really are.
let them be!

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