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Mila Kunis, I Salute You! I'm So Glad You Didn't Go Back On Your Word & You Are Going To The Marine Ball!

Thu, July 14, 2011 3:54pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

So much for those reports yesterday claiming that Mila Kunis was planning to go back on her word and ditch attending the November Marine Corps Ball with hunky Marine Sgt. Scott Moore.

Mila‘s publicist scoffed at the reports, telling that they’re “all false.” Phew!

I’m so relieved to hear that Mila is going to work around her busy filming schedule—which was cited as the reason she was going to bail on attending the ball—and make Sgt. Moore‘s dream come true. I mean, this guy is smitten! Did you see his YouTube video? C’mon, he’s charming, sexy, hunky, chivalrous—and a man in uniform! Wait, did I already say he’s sexy? Oh yah, I did.

When I heard that Mila was bailing, I was disappointed for the guy—and a bit disappointed in Mila. After all, not only was Sgt. Moore jazzed about his Marine Ball date, but it seemed the whole country was rooting for them. But part of me just knew that Mila wouldn’t go back on her word. I don’t know, call it women’s intuition, but she doesn’t strike me as someone who would be so lackadaisical and careless about essentially promising the world to this guy one day, and then the next day, being like “Oh, wait, did I say I was going as your date yesterday? Sorry, you must have misunderstood me.”

So way to go, Mila! If he has a cute bunkmate, please holler!

—Chloe Melas