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What Kristen Stewart Needs To Learn To Horseback Ride In 'Snow White'! Expert Shares Advice!

Thu, July 14, 2011 7:39pm EDT by 4 Comments

Kristen Stewart can learn to be a pro in as little as four-five weeks! Isn’t that amazing?

Kristen Stewart has been busy taking horseback riding lessons to prepare for her role as Snow White and according to an equestrian expert it will be one of the most important relationships she will develop on the set of her new movie. U.S.A. Olympic Equestrian coach Michael D. Cintas tells that in addition to leaning how to ride a horse for her new movie Snow White and The Hunstman, Kristen Stewart will have to create a strong bond with her four legged co-star.“Horses are one of the most sensitive animals in the world and in order to be a good rider, you must develop a good relationship with your horse. You must feel confident because a horse can pick up on all of your fears and insecurities, this is one of the most important lessons I teach my students and this is the first thing I would teach Kristen Stewart,” says Michael. “Kristen has to pretend that she has known the horse for all of its life.”

Kristen has been taking equestrian lessons in Palm Springs and Palmdale for her upcoming role as Snow White in which she will be required to do quite a bit of riding.

“When I am teaching actors how to ride and have a limited amount of time, I typically work with them five days a week, two sessions per day for four-five weeks. Someone can learn to be a pro in that period of time. Kristen will be learning how to ride English style verses Western. She will be taught the following main techniques: how to mount and dismount the horse, how to sit properly on the horse  — this is called her equitation — meaning the rider’s position on the horse,  how to walk and stop a horse, how to trot and lastly how to canter. Basically she must learn in order how to walk, trot and canter.”

Michael who is a 43-year veteran advises, “What’s most important when Kristen is on the horse is to sit up, look up and carry her hands so she can always have control of the horse.”

“When a woman rides a horse, she has to show off her masculine side because women can become very soft, passive and reactive, whereas when a man learns how to ride a horse, he has to show off his feminine side because men can tend to be too pushy by pulling and yanking.”

Michael, who runs Equestrian Centers International in Rancho Mirage, CA says, “Kristen must know that even before she mounts her horse, she must get to know him. It’s all feel. You want the horse to feel you ground up. So I would advise her to first and foremost before she mounts the horse, in fact, each and every time she mounts the horse, to first pet the horse on his neck, then pat his belly and then stroke his forehead. Then when she dismounts off the horse, she will do the same thing. It’s important to repeat this interaction consistently because it becomes a camaraderie. Horses want to be treated how we want to be treated.”

“I would also encourage Kristen to give her horse apples and carrots after a ride, this lets the horse know that they are appreciated and have done a good job.”

Perhaps Rob’s pup Bear will do some bonding with Kristen’s co-star when he comes to visit her on the set?! Are you excited to see Kristen riding horses in Snow White?

Sandra Clark