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'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Contemplates Moving In With Kyle, Gary Threatens Amber & Catelynn Finds An Apartment With Tyler!

Wed, July 13, 2011 3:45am EDT by 2 Comments

Catelynn, Amber, and Maci take the leap and move in with their boyfriends, while Farrah contemplates giving up modeling for Sophia!

Just a few years ago Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Maci Bookout were 16 and pregnant, but as these young mothers say goodbye to their teenage years, they are confronted with more adult issues. Between rocky relationships, new living arrangements, and the struggle to balance work and family, season three of Teen Mom captures the journey of these four girls as they deal with the growing pains of becoming young women.

Without wasting any time, recently reunited Amber and Gary decide to move into a house together to restart their life as a family. But just as soon as they rebuilt their relationship, it goes up in flames! On a road trip to a weekend getaway with Amber’s brother, the corrosive couple gets in a nasty dispute that erupts in Gary threatening to take Leah away from Amber because of her language. Amber is angry that Gary keeps speaking over her and not listening to what she is feeling.

By the time they get to the water park resort, Amber is in full tantrum mode and is threatening to fly home. Luckily her brother convinces her to stay and enjoy the weekend, at least for Leah’s sake. The next day he sits her down and says that both she and Gary need to take anger management courses and learn to grow up.

Catelynn is also on the hunt to find a new place to live with her boyfriend, Tyler. While the couple browses through a selection of modest one bedroom apartments, Tyler suddenly gets cold feet. Because Tyler’s mom and sister aren’t supportive of his decision to move out before he graduates high school, he stalls the moving situation by finding flaws in all the apartments they look at. When they finally make a decision, Tyler looks like he is having a panic attack while Catelynn signs the lease and keeps reminding him he should be happy.

Like any other teenage boy, Tyler is stressing about moving out on his own and having to deal with rent, school, and finding a job without any parental guidance. But by the time the couple moves their things into their new apartment, they felt more at home than ever before. All of Tyler’s fears melt away as he collapses in bed with Catelynn and realized the perks of being independent.

Maci realizes how financially taxing living on her own can be, and finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place when she realizes she can’t enroll in school because she doesn’t have enough money to stay in her apartment. Facing defeat, she decides to move back into her parent’s house in Chattanooga. While Ryan was thrilled she is returning home, her boyfriend Kyle can’t stand the thought of her moving away so he proposes they live together.

When Maci comes home and tells her mom she is moving in with Kyle, her mom is concerned it is a bad idea because Bentley needs stability, not guys moving in and out of his life. She is also worried this will mean Ryan can have a girl move in with him and that can potentially upset Maci. But Maci assures her Kyle is here to stay and she has no issue with Ryan moving in with another girl. Unfortunately, Ryan agrees with Maci’s mother and says there is no way Kyle is moving in if Maci wants to keep custody of Bentley. Maci and Kyle’s move is put in limbo until they work out all the specifics of appeasing Ryan so she isn’t at risk of losing Bentley.

Farrah knows how difficult it is to choose between what her heart desires and what her baby needs when she realizes that she may have to give up her modeling career for motherhood. After she heals from her breast augmentation, Farrah wants to take more modeling jobs to start paying off her debts. She agrees to do a hair show in Denver, but that means she would have to spend a weekend away from Sophia.

Throughout the whole weekend Farrah is depressed and has a hard time connecting with the other models. She can’t get Sophia out of her head and feels guilty for leaving her behind. Farrah also realizes because she is a mother, she doesn’t have much in common with other girls her age. When she returned home she admits to her mom she doesn’t know if the sacrifice is worth the money.

This week’s episode was emotionally taxing because all the girls are stuck in major crossroads of their lives. Catelynn is growing up too fast and rushing herself and Tyler into a more serious situation than they may be ready for. Farrah is forced to realize that she may have to give up what she loves doing because she loves spending time with her daughter more. Maci is caught between the man she loves and the father of her son, and has to reach a compromise without breaking the bank.

It was also really hard to watch Amber and Gary’s altercation. Last week it was apparent that the couple shouldn’t have reunited, and the consequences of their unresolved issues boiled up into an explosive argument. While I agree with Gary that Amber shouldn’t cuss in front of Leah, I think that he was disrespectful by talking over her. It was also extremely inappropriate to hang taking away custody of Leah over Amber’s head. I agree with Amber’s brother that they both need to work out their anger issues or part ways, because all of their fighting is having a serious impact on their daughter whether they realize it or not.

Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of Teen Mom! Do you think it was wrong of  Gary to threaten to take custody of Leah away from Amber?

Nicole Fukuoka

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