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Jaycee Dugard's Mom Wants The Garridos DEAD, Saying: 'Jail's Not Enough!'

Tue, July 12, 2011 10:57am EDT by 4 Comments

Jaycee refuses to dwell on the hell the couple subjected her to as their hostage and sex slave for 18 long years — but her mom Terry insists ‘I have enough hate for the both of us.’

Phillip and Nancy Garrido are serving combined sentences of 431 years behind bars for their crimes against Jaycee Dugard, but it’s not enough for her mom Terry Probyn, who won’t rest until they are dead!

“The 18 years that I lost with her, the crap she went through, nobody can put a price on that,” Terry tells Diane Sawyer on Jaycee’s ABC special.

“It’s not good enough that the Garridos are behind bars and will never see the light of day again. It’s not good enough to tell me that a change is coming. The battles just begun.”

Amazingly Jaycee herself refuses to hate her captors, telling Sawyer, “I don’t feel like I have this rage inside of me that’s building. I refuse to let him (Phillip) have that. He can’t have me. It would mean like he won.”

But her mom insists, “I have more hate in my heart for both of us. He stole her from me. He ripped out a piece of my heart. He stole my baby. He stole her childhood. Your adolescence and prom and high school pictures and memories.”

It’s such an emotional story, HollyMoms. How would you feel if it was your child? Could you forgive?

— Ian Garland

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