Jaycee Dugard Reveals Captor's Terrifying Drug Binges: 'He Dressed Me and Tied Me Up'

Tue, July 12, 2011 5:44pm EST by 10 Comments

In her new memoir, ‘A Stolen Life,’ which hit book stores today, July 12, Jaycee opens up about kidnapper Phillip Garrido’s ‘runs,’ which she describes as ‘the most horrible moments of my life.’

After watching Jaycee Dugard‘s interview with Diane Sawyer, we learned what these “runs” or “long days of sex” consisted of — Phillip Garrido would get high on meth and dress Jaycee up in absurd outfits for hours, switching and contorting her body into “perfect positions,” while making her listen to the voices coming from the wall. In her new book A Stolen Life, out today, Jaycee goes much more in-depth into these drug-induced and terrifying moments of her captivity.

“The ‘runs’ were some of the most horrible moments of my life,” Jaycee writes in the book. “I can’t think of a good moment even when a ‘run’ was over. I always knew there’d be a next time. I could see no end in sight.”

Jaycee describes the moments vividly, saying Phillip would make her wear makeup and dress her in “tight clothes,” which had “holes in weird places.”

“He tells me to lay on the bed in a certain way and then he gets undressed. He has a little bag of white powder. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe that’s the crank he talked about… He asks if I want some and I say no. He says it helps him stay up, he calls it speed or crank.”

Jaycee writes that Phillip told her he had a sex problem and that she was helping to cure him, “so he wouldn’t have to bother anyone else.” She believed him. He told her he would teach her how to be the best “sex slave” ever. Just heartbreaking.

He would tie her up in certain positions “by those eye hooks on the wall” and then lift her legs “with straps in different positions.” She describes one horrendous moment:

“One night he had been working on the position, trying to get it right for hours and realized he needed to go pick up Nancy from the nightshift where she worked a convalescent home. He said he was just going to leave me tied up because it was the perfect position. He was gone for a while. My legs were in such an awkward position, I got leg cramps and the straps hurt my ankles. I was relieved when he got back, I wanted to get it over with so I could be done and go to bed.”

Can you imagine anything worse than what Jaycee lived through, HollyMoms? It’s hard to believe that someone who faced terrifying experiences like these turned out to be such an amazing and strong woman.

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 3:02 PM on July 13, 2011  

Sad to say, circumstances like what these women have gone through are nothing new. Do research into the works of an author named John Norman. He wrote an extensive series of books most commonly called the “Gor” books. a “fantasy” series.The books were wrote in the early seventies.

Sadly, it is not a fantasy for many women. Do a google search on “gor” and “gorean society”. If you are easily triggered by reading or hearing about the torture, mutilation, abuse and murder of women and children, do not read. Just take my word for it. There are thousands of men across the world who have decided this “fantasy” series is what they want thier real life to be. They take women by force, keep them captive, do things to them you can not even imagine. If the woman has a child and it is a boy, it is raised to believe in the “Gorean” lifestyle, a lifestyle where something so simple as having a lock of hair out of place can get a woman brutally murdered because she has displeased her “owner.” If it is a girl child it is raised as a sex slave and sold off or traded to another member of the “gorean” society.

I have worked as an advocate and mentor for abused women for over half my life, it breaks my heart that I know a girl who is a fifth generation raised and trained “Gorean slave girl.” She is twelve and pregnant and living in a mental institution, because if given the chance, she would run back to that lifestyle, taking her child with her.

The author is aware that thousands of people have adapted his “fantasy world” (and you have to wonder right there, why the hell would someone write over a dozen books about something like this) and he sees nothing wrong with it. He does not ask that his “fans” recognize that this “lifestyle” is not acceptable and to not follow it, nor does he issue an apology to women who have been kidnapped and abused and murdered, nor to thier families. In my opinion, which I know means nothing in today’s society, the man should be tried for every woman who has died or suffered because of his continuing to express the opinion that “this is what all woman want.” That we are lower animals and should be grateful to any man who will put us in our place, that once we put off the notion that we have value, we will know our place is to worship and adore our “masters” for showing us our true place. That is the continuing ongoing theme in every. single. book.

THe author has never been caught living this lifestyle, but it is 100% on his head for encouraging people to accept his sick twisted fantasy as something they should make a reality. I and many others have an overpowering goal of getting him listed as a sex offender, and seeing that he gets a day in court for actively encouraging pedeophiles and rapists to act on thier impulses. He can quote “freedom of speech” all he wants, just because you are free to say does not mean it should be said, much less encouraged.

“I have walked through hell itself, but instead of burning, I have become a tempered blade, ready to to avenge those who are lost and without hope or knowledge, trapped in ignorance and despair. I will cut them free and lead them to safety, give them knowledge, and teach them freedom. This is what a survivor does. I refuse to be a victim.”-The Vow of the Morrígna Sisterhood-

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Posted at 6:04 PM on July 13, 2011  

I have a very high respect for books but after reading your comment, I feel a very strong urge to burn each and every copy of this sick series. They should be in the same category as Mein Kampf, because their message are pretty similar. I don’t really support vigilante killings, but I hope somebody will off this perverted bastard and every single member of his little fanclub. It’s very shocking to realize that in the 21th century in the Western world women and children are forced into slavery. The writer should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life and be raped and abused every single day of it, maybe then he would see the wrong of his ways.
I don’t think that filth like this can fit in any form into the Freedom of Speech. I don’t understand this at all, you can’t say anything adoring about Hitler in public (and I support it 100%) but you can release something to the public what encourage others to horrible crimes against women, just because it’s labelled fiction. The books might be that but the minute the plot came off from the pages, it became the terrifying reality to many women and children. Where is justice in this? The well-being and even the very life of these abused women should be much more important than the copyrights of some perverted mentally very very ill author.
I hope that someday in the near future your and your associates reach your goal in connection with this sicko and he never gets to write a single word any more.

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Posted at 8:04 AM on July 13, 2011  

i think frank lee is Phillip Garrido child. they think the same. *<*

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Posted at 7:48 AM on July 13, 2011  

Frank Lee your just as bad as the kidnappers. thats a sick twisted thing to say! get a bloody brain!

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Posted at 7:27 AM on July 13, 2011  

So why did he have NACY for? just for the name WIFE? he should have done all of those things to her. maybe someone shld kill the both in prison. just makes me want to poke.

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Posted at 7:14 AM on July 13, 2011  

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Posted at 9:05 PM on July 12, 2011  

Frank Lee- you’re either a sad little man who enjoys making horrendous comments just to rile people up or you are a piece of sh*t and I hope one day some sick freak turns you into his own personal sex toy. Because if that’s really your opinion, you need a mental health professional.

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frank lee

Posted at 6:51 PM on July 12, 2011  

these women who are taken and have numerous chances to escape and when founf spend over an hour telling police they are NOT the person they are looking for , like Elizabeth Smart are A) stupid B) idiots C) partially responsible for the enduring nightmare.

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Posted at 7:29 PM on July 12, 2011  

I think YOUR the idiot, frank lee. They were both KIDS when they were taken (Smart was 14, Dugard was 11). Smart was taken from her home, so her captors KNEW where her family lived, and they did threaten to hurt them if Smart tried to escape or told anyone anything about who she really was. And Dugard was taken far from her home but at 11, what does she know about how to escape? And then she had a kid at 14 and another a few years after that. What was she supposed to do, LEAVE them there to escape? In fact, she said that was one of the reason she stayed- to make sure her kids were taken care of and keep Garrido from potentially doing to them what he did to her.

You’re an idiot, because I’m sure you didn’t consider any of THAT. Kidnapping & rape is NEVER a CHILD’S fault in ANY way. That’s such a prejudiced and dumb thing to say…

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Posted at 7:46 AM on July 13, 2011  

Are you on drugs or what? You are speaking about two children, who were abducted from safe environments to be abused physically, mentally and sexually. Fear can paralize even adults let alone children. You say they didn’t want to escape. Imagine for example, that you are Jaycee an 11 year old little girl who is chained to the wall and threatened with a taser gun in case she tries to escape. And not only that, but you are constantly fed lies about the outside world being dangerous filled with pedofiles who would rape her all the time not just periodically. And then after some time, you become a mother and suddenly you have someone who loves you and whom you can love and you want to protect your baby no matter what. I’m sure she would have escaped eventually if she hadn’t had her kids to take into consideration.
As for being responsible for their own abduction, I think you are totally insane. It’s typical to the sex offenders to place the blame on the victim: she wanted it, she was flirting with me, etc, and in their little perverted minds, they are really innocent, because it wasn’t their fault. But it’s always the fault of the abductor/rapist because no woman WANTS to be raped. So just a suggestion: don’t say that the women/girls were responsible for these terrifying events because somebody may misunderstand you and think that you are just like these monsters.

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