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'True Blood' Recap: Alcide Finally Returns & Eric Drinks More Fairy Blood!

Mon, July 11, 2011 12:02am EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments

I can’t even handle how good this show is getting! Read my recap & add your own thoughts on episode 4×03, ‘If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?’

The June 10 episode of True Blood officially upgraded Eric Northman‘s (Alexander Skarsgard) status from “awesome” to “adorable.” With his memory completely wiped clean, he spent most of the hour being — for the very first time — completely innocent and awkward around Sookie (Anna Paquin) and I think we all loved it. The girls who watched the episode with me were literally panting.

We also finally got a glimpse of Eric’s little bachelor pad underneath Chez Stackhouse this week, and just as I expected, it’s totally pimped out. I’m talking steel walls, animal-print bed, the works. We also got to see a fun interaction between Sookie and now-dimwitted Eric, in which he literally asked her, “Do you want to be mine?” I swear, I never thought I’d see the day. (OMG Team Eric 4-ever, though.)

But because it’s not smart to have a fairy-hungry vampire living under your roof, Sookie went to Alcide (Joe Manganiello) for help. Little did she know, he’s back with that crazy bitch Debbie, so she peaced out quickly. I may hate Debbie, but having her back in the picture gives us another opportunity for an epic “Get out of my house, bitch” moment for Sookie. And I loved that version of Sookie. Watch the video below if you need a refresher:

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Meanwhile, Poor Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is still tied up in Hotshot — and well into his transformation. This week, crazy Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) remained totally bananas as she and her fellow inbred shifters literally started raping Jason in order to keep their bloodline going. Something tells me that even super-lover Jason isn’t going to want to have sex after this whole ordeal is over. Ever again.

After a heartwarming daddy-daughter chat with Bill (Stephen Moyer), Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) agreed to tell Hoyt (Jim Parrack) the truth about her extramarital fanging. But when he didn’t take the news as well as she’d hoped, she decided to glamour him into forgetting the whole conversation. Her intentions were pure — she said he was “too good of a person” for her to allow him to get hurt — but I have a feeling she won’t be able to live with herself. Guilt can be a killer!

But glamouring Hoyt wasn’t Jessica’s only mistake this week; she also gave that creepy baby doll to Arlene (Carrie Preston) as a present for little Mikey. As if René’s spawn wasn’t creepy enough, he’s now sharing a crib with a nightmare-ish doll that looks like an undead Chucky on crack.

And speaking of people on crack, Marnie’s (Fiona Shaw) behavior was even more effed up than usual this week. One of the final scenes found her sacrificing her blood to an otherworldly force — let’s just assume it was Satan, because I definitely did — and something tells me she’s got a whole lot of dangerous new powers coming her way. She didn’t have very much screen time during the episode, but damn did she make good use of it.

The episode ended with the best Eric-Sookie scene of the night, one that proved once again how much this show is veering off the path of Charlaine Harris‘ books (which, I hope you noticed, Sookie was reading in her kitchen.) Anyway, Claudine (Lara Pulver) paid her Fairy Goddaughter one last visit, hoping to woo her back to Fairyland, but she was intercepted by Eric — and his appetite. Yes, friends, Claudine is no more.

And Eric is now full of crazy fairy powers. Witches beware!

OK, your turn to talk:

What do you all think of “new Eric?” Do you think Jason will actually turn into a werepanther? And what the heck is up with that crazy babydoll in Mikey’s crib?! Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode!

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