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Jaycee Dugard's Children Call Evil Phillip Garrido 'Dad!'

Mon, July 11, 2011 1:45pm EDT by 7 Comments

Brave kidnap victim Jaycee refuses to deny Garrido his status as ‘dad’ to her two teenage daughters, even though he fathered them by repeatedly raping her.

In her first interview since her release in 2009, Jaycee Dugard, now 31, opens up about her 18 years as Phillip Garrido‘s hostage and sex slave, and the complicated relationship her daughters Starlite, 16 and Angel, 13, share with their evil father.

“Their dad did strange things and they knew it, Jaycee tells Diane Sawyer on the ABC special. “They lived like that for so long that I don’t really think that that was that big of a shock to them. Because they knew their dad.”

When Sawyer questions why she called Garrido the kids’ dad — Jaycee replies, “He is who he is.”

Can you believe how strong she is?

Jaycee goes on to reveal that she DOESN’T see Garrido’s features in their daughters — clearly a blessing as the trio try to rebuild their lives.

“Surprisingly, I don’t see it in them,” she admits. “I see my mom. I see me. I don’t see him.”

Jaycee’s mom Terry Probyn agrees, “I don’t see him in my granddaughters, no. It is not there. They are who they are and they are so beautiful and I’m very proud to be a Grandma. I love those girls with all my heart.”

Garrido and his wife Nancy are serving combined sentences of 431 years in prison for their crimes against Jaycee.

The couple has has no contact with Jaycee’s children since their arrest, despite Nancy’s requests for the trio to visit her in prison!

Did YOU watch the show, HollyMoms? What did you think of Jaycee’s story?

— Ian Garland

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