'Mob Wives' Reunion Recap: Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano Face Each Other After Bloody Battle!

Sun, July 10, 2011 9:13pm EST by 7 Comments

Karen & Drita are still at each other’s necks — they discuss their massive blowout and how they regret everything that went down!

Wendy Williams sits down with the Mob Wives for their reunion on July 10. It’s the first time that Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano have seen each other since their massive bloody battle during the season finale — and the fight is still on! Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano also get into a heated argument that causes Renee to leave in tears.

Drita kicks off the evening by discussing the status of her relationship with her husband Lee D’avanzo after finding out that he cheated on her. “Lee and I aren’t speaking. I filed for divorce,” she admits. “It’s not finalized yet.” And reveals that she confronted Lee’s “guma”(girlfriend of an Italian mobster).

Carla then opens up about her estranged husband Joey Ferragamo, who just recently returned home from jail. Though they aren’t together at the moment, she notes that she is no longer dating her ex-boyfrined. “Me and Joe have a great relationship right now,” fesses Carla.

The fight between Carla and Karen errupts again. They debate if Carla’s ex grabbed Renee’s butt. Renee claims he did it, but Carla doesn’t believe her. “You’re pushing it calling me a liar,” Renee shouts. “He touched me, it’s an fact not an opinion. Restylane [is you’re new nickname] because you’re nothing but a filler b*tch. You’re a moron.” Renee leaves crying.

The drama heats up when Wendy touches upon the rooftop battle between Drita and Karen. “It’s f*cked up because I’m not happy with how anything played out,” Drita says.

Karen continues to defend that the she only was trying to fix her relationship with Drita — not that the fight was about Drita’s hubby, who’s Karen’s ex.

“Don’t talk about riding my husband’s d*ck,” yells Drita. About the actual phyisical confrontation, — Drita blacked out and doesn’t recall the whole situation.

Nothing between the women gets resolved. Karen and Drita still disagree as to who is to blame. “To me it was just about friendship, I don’t know if I’ll ever get past it,” shares Karen. “If I could go back in time, I would,” says Drita. Karen agrees that she regrets that it happened. But it looks like they will never be friends again!

BFFs — whose side are you on — Team Karen or Team Drita?

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Posted at 8:25 PM on December 11, 2011  

Karen is so annoying. God. Get off your high horse, b*tch. I thought the whole thing was done when she f*cking cried and Drita said she was sorry and they hugged it out. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? She was also a two-faced b*tch with the whole talking about how she used to ride Drita’s husband when they were
hanging out at the beginning of the season. Why would you hang out with the girl if you’re clearly not over the fact she’s married to your ex-boyfriend? I don’t get it.

Carla is so f*cking boring and bland, I can’t even handle it. Renee is all over the place, and I feel like she needs to get some meds to control those emotions. Karen, again, is annoying and likes to stir the pot. Drita is hilarious (I gotta say, she makes me laugh), even though the whole “I’ll beat you up and send you to the hospital” cr*p gets tiresome after a while (and how adorable are her kids? She certainly has the most adorable, well-adjusted kids out of all the wives).

Can I also just say? Dear Drita and Karen, fighting over stupid Lee? Not f*cking worth it. Seriously, not even in a million years.

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Posted at 11:50 PM on November 17, 2011  

Karen is upset that a friend would do that to her, and not even have the decency to give her a heads up, ‘ hey karen, we don’t talk anymore so you probably don’t care, but I’m marrying Lee” is that so hard? Whether or not they were friends at the time, its just a matter of respect.

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Posted at 8:52 PM on July 31, 2011  

Drita wants to be scary but she isn’t fooling anyone. Karen can take her any day of the week. For that matter, I could too!

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Posted at 8:29 PM on December 11, 2011  

I don’t know about Karen being able to take Drita. It didn’t seem like it when she was all “I’ve seen Drita fight before and Renee is in serious trouble” or whatever it was she said that one time at Carla’s party.

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Posted at 6:28 PM on July 27, 2011  

Love drita, typical Albanian girl.. Rene is the funniest.. Karen has to let go of Lee thing, is getting annoying.. Drita did apologies:)

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Posted at 1:56 PM on July 11, 2011  

I absolutely love Renee. She’s tough, but has heart and appears to be very real. I love Drita also. I would describe her like Renee – tough with a lot of heart. Karen needs to know when to end a disagreement/fight. She just keeps coming at you and refueling the fire. Carla has no flavor and no sense. She lacks the intelligence the other wives have. I love this show, and can’t wait until the fall for the new season.

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susan williams

Posted at 11:03 AM on July 11, 2011  

i love drita she is my fav on the show. karen needs to go back from where she was living. will i read her book no . cause if will be nothing but lies. the woman i nuts in the head.

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