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Bonnie Says: The Real Housewives Of New York Show Their Softie Sides & Sonja Morgan Shows Her Burlesque Skills!

Fri, July 8, 2011 12:43pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment

It was a bonding week for most of the “wives”. Guess they needed a breather after all the nasty confrontations between Alex and Simon, and Jill and Ramona and Jill, this season.

Whew! Last night ‘s (July 7th) episode of RHONY was so heartwarming I wondered if Oprah had a hand in the production. The theme was bonding. All kinds of bonding.

First off, Jill Zarin finally got Alex McCord‘s weird mean-tweeting husband Simon van Kempen off her back. In last week’s episode she worked hard to avoid a confrontation with the doggedly persistent Simon who felt that Jill owed him an apology for past feuding even though Jill had already done a symbolic apology to his wife Alex by literally burning up their previous issues, written down on paper,  in Alex’s backyard barbecue.

This week, Simon confronted Jill at Sonja‘s party and insisted on a sitdown but wisely Jill’s husband, Bobby Zarin, went along to protect her and Simon promised to be positive in the future. I felt as relieved as Jill when this guy was done with his confrontation. Go back to Brooklyn Simon!

Next, it was on to mother/daughter bonding. Jill journeyed out to the hinterlands of Westchester NY, catching the train to Bronxville where daughter Ally is going to school. There, she squeezed in some all important mom/daughter shopping time after freaking out that her daughter was studying sex psychology.

Countess LuAnn spend time in a parking lot teaching her daughter, Victoria, to drive and then Ramona got upbraided by her daughter Avery for interrupting all their time together with business calls AND for leaving her alone at night in their apartment while Ramona and presumably her husband Mario, conducted their busy social lives.

I felt sorry for Avery who sounded like the parent in the relationship. “You’re never home”, she told her mom and “you never text to tell me where you are”. Ramona looked VERY uncomfortable, as she should have but THEN Avery read her, her assignment from school — “Who is Your Hero.”

And guess what? She wrote that her mother who was a businesswoman, who was re-inventing herself at the age of 54, was her hero. It was a very sweet moment AND I’m convinced that Avery is more mature than her mom.

Countess LuAnn and Kelly Bensimon bonded over LuAnn’s good dating and man advice for single and searching Kelly.

Finally, all the wives even Cindy Barshop, bonded with Sonja who was despairing over her money problems by throwing a burlesque party in a desperate attempt to take her mind off her woes.

Even though it appeared that Sonja would be stripping, it turned out that she left that to a Gypsy Rose Lee G- ish professional. Instead she dolled up in a swan tutu and used a chair as a prop in an original and pseudo-empowering rhyming performance. It was so bizarre but vulnerable that I’m hard-pressed to describe it. Watch the video below.

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But even the other “Housewives” were forced to stop sneering and actually “feel” for Sonja, after getting caught up in the very real moment of her very real troubles.

Next week, get ready for the Housewives appearing in the Countess’ new music video “Chic C’est La Vie.”

— Bonnie Fuller