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Judge Punished Casey Anthony For A Murder The Jury Didn't Convict Her Of, Says Top Attorney!

Thu, July 7, 2011 10:59am EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

The sentence of four consecutive years for lying to authorities was harsh, says attorney Raoul Felder and here’s why!

Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Casey Anthony was going to walk out of the courtroom on July 7 a free woman but instead she’s headed back to jail. Judge Belvin Perry asserted his power as much as possible by sentencing Casey to one year in jail for each of the four counts of lying to police. spoke with legendary prosecutor and former Assistant US Attorney of New York Raoul Felder as to whether the judge’s ruling was too harsh.

“This sentencing was unfair because the judge was punishing her for something the jury found her not guilty of — in a sense,” Raoul explains. “Casey has no criminal record. Everybody lies to the FBI, and to give her four years without a criminal record is really very harsh.”

Judge Belvin did give Casey credit for time served, she spent a little under three years behind bars — Raoul says this is something that the judge didn’t have to do.

“The judge didn’t have to give her credit for time served … he doesn’t have to do it,” Raoul says. “Judge Belvin would have been criticized too highly if he hadn’t and he knew that. But he stuck it to her by giving her the full sentence … he threw the book at her as much as he could. It would have been considered cruel and inhumane punishment if she hadn’t been given time served after being acquitted. Normally when someone is acquitted you get time served — even when you’re guilty you get time served!”

Currently the judge is in his chambers along with Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez determining how to apply this sentence along with considering “good behavior time” for the three years Casey has already served behind bars.

“Casey might spend six months in jail,” says Raoul. “Now sometimes you get good time depending on what state you’re in. This mean you might get one day per month you were in jail if you didn’t get in trouble and behaved yourself. Also, if the jails are crowded they give ‘good time’ a bit more than usual.”

The judge implied that Casey could be a free woman by the end of July or early August — her defense team also has about one month to appeal this.

“This is a tough sentence and it’s clear he didn’t agree with the jury’s verdict,” Raoul says. “It’s a bit reminiscent OJ Simpson. Remember when he did a stupid thing with the memorabilia and his [33 year] sentence was obviously because he murdered his wife.”
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— Chloe Melas