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Bonnie Says: Casey Anthony, Yay! The Judge Threw The Book At You! No Manicures or Teeth Whitening Yet!

Thu, July 7, 2011 10:58am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 11 Comments

At least, Judge Belvin Perry Jr. did what he could to punish you by keeping you behind bars for a couple more months.

It’s not exactly making you pay the price for the murder of your daughter. After all the jury admitted they didn’t have enough evidence to do that. But clearly the judge was as sick to his stomach about the verdict as the jurors, who admitted they couldn’t legally convict you.

“We were crying,” revealed juror Jennifer Ford, who insisted that “I did not say she (Casey) was innocent. I just said that there was not enough evidence … we were sick to our stomach to get that verdict.”

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. didn’t have many options to express his disgust with you, Casey.

But he did what he could sentencing you this morning to four consecutive years in jail for obstruction of justice, with credit for time served. It was a “harsh” sentence for the crime of obstruction, top lawyer Raoul Felder told us.

And you know what Casey — it was gratifying to see the look of disappointment on your face when you realized that you wouldn’t be walking out the courtroom door to freedom today.

When you first entered the court you were smiling as if your daughter’s death was anything to smile about. Even though you escaped conviction Casey, your two-year-old daughter Caylee is still gone. Her remains were still found gnawed by animals in a swamp by your house.

But you’ve never expressed any horror that your baby is gone. No one has ever witnessed you wracked with grief over Caylee. So why would you start now.

When you came to court today, your hair was down in a hairstyle just like Kate Middleton‘s and you looked all ready to be released, dressed in a purple V-neck sweater. You’ve written in jail, that you can hardly wait for a manicure, pedicure and more beauty treatments when you’re a free woman.

“Color on my toesies and acrylic nails,” and “I can’t wait to get my teeth whitened,” you gushed in jailhouse letters.

And oh, you can’t wait to have more kids. “I always wanted to adopt a baby or child from another country — is it selfish to want one from Ireland? Accent and all? ,” you wrote.

Unbelievable. AND that’s what the judge must have thought too!

Judge Perry Jr. did his best to throw the book at you Casey. Caylee is so glad!

— Bonnie Fuller


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