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Casey Anthony Is Mentally Ill And Needs Therapy To Integrate Back Into Society, Say Experts!

Thu, July 7, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 2 Comments

After being acquitted for the murder of two-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony is preparing to leave the jail she has called home for more than two years…but does she realize just how cold the real world is going to be? has conferred with two psychological experts who both predict Casey Anthony will have a hard time coping with the harsh realities of her newfound freedom: hated by the public, and as one doctor puts it, “unaware of how mentally ill she really is”!

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere (the main contributor to discussed what Casey’s life will be like once she leaves prison next week, saying that living with her parents may be inevitable because “they’re tied together forever and they have so much unfinished business which includes the allegations of sexual abuse, her father feeling he did not bring up Casey better, and that all of them have lost someone. And they have a history of very dysfunctional behaviors and that also ties them together.”

In terms of the challenges that will face Casey, the doctor believes in addition to dealing with a world that has such hatred for her and believes her to be a monster, “she’s going to have to balance that with the fact that she’s going to be extremely famous and infamous and the stress that goes along with that. Major media outlets may not want to touch her as far as offering her work, but there will be cable stations that need ratings who will want to give her a reality show, a book deal, and other people who want to hear her side of the story.”

Dr. Gardere describes Casey as someone with “an anti-social, narcissistic personality.”

He adds, “These types of people do not ever see themselves with something wrong with them. They see it’s the world that misunderstands them. Unless someone says you gotta be in therapy, shes not going to get it herself. The family needs family therapy. George and Cindy need couples counseling. Lee needs individual counseling. and above all, they need grief counseling for Caylee.”

Psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle (, agrees with Dr. Gardere, saying Casey will have a hard time in the real world, adding, “It’s going to be hard for her to support herself because who’s going to want to hire her for a job?”

Dr. Carle suggests Casey begin intensive therapy. “[She needs] to figure out how she deals with coming out to society,” he says. “Therapists can’t discuss any patients and if this girl admits to killing her kid in the office, the therapist can’t run to the police anyways.”

Both doctors think Casey — and her family — will need to start therapy immediately to help transition her into the real world, and we definitely agree!

Blair Moylan, Reporting By Michael Emer

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