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Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez Defend 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert: 'Give Her A Break!'

Thu, July 7, 2011 3:13pm EDT by 3 Comments

Ali tells ‘Bachelorette’ host Chris Harrison that she would have kept bad boy Bentley around too if she had been in Ashley’s situation!

Since the day player Bentley Williams went on The Bachelorette and broke Ashley Hebert‘s heart, fans have been criticizing Ashley and saying that she brought the pain upon herself. Well former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has walked in Ashley’s shoes and knows exactly what it feels like. She comes to Ashley’s defense, along with her fiance Roberto Martinez, saying that she would have kept Bentley around too!

“First, I just feel for her. Ashley is a great girl and what’s happening to her this season is exactly my absolute biggest fear of what would have happened to me in my season,” Ali tells host Chris Harrison. “Ashley had no idea that Bentley was saying those things. To her, he was just this guy that was really smooth and said the right things.”

Ali remembers questioning if Roberto had bad intentions too. “When I met Roberto, I actually remember saying to him, ‘Are you this good? Are you just a smooth talker?'” she recalls. “I just think if he had left saying he had a daughter and he’s like I have to go home [like Bentley did], I would be like her too.”

“I wouldn’t let go of him just because I was supposed to like these other guys that are there,” Ali continues. “That’s where she was, so what we should be focusing on is the fact that when she did find out that Bentley wasn’t great, she said to hell with him. That’s what’s important. When she realized she stuck up for herself.”

Roberto can’t believe the way Bentley behaved either. “I’m just a big preacher of honesty,” he says. “You don’t go into this show having to like the girl. But if you don’t — he played her. He’s telling her one thing and then what we see is the way he really felt, it’s two completely different things. She needed that closure to really move on and he wasn’t giving that to her. He was still leaving it at that ‘…’ That’s tough. It’s not fair to her.”

Ali adds that Ashley did the right thing by keeping Bentley around. “I’ve heard people saying, ‘Well Michelle [Money] warned her. She should have known,'” explains Ali. “But I don’t believe that. Let’s just say [Michelle] was wrong, that she warned Ashley about Bentley, Ashley took her advice, but Michelle was wrong. Because from what Ashley saw, she was wrong. Everyone would be like why did you listen to Michelle.”

“I would never listen to somebody else,” admits Ali. “I would listen to my heart and what I was feeling and the experience we had.”

And Ali is not happy that people are being so critical of Ashley. “Nobody can understand what it’s like to be in her position unless you have been in her position,” shares Ali. “If you’ve been The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, then you totally get what she’s going through.”

“She’s great and I hope she can hold her head up high,” says Ali. “She deserves love like every other woman. I just hope that people see that and give her a break, gosh.”

BFFs — are you mad that Ashley kept Bentley around?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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