Casey Anthony Will Most Likely NOT Spend More Time Behind Bars, Say Experts!

Wed, July 6, 2011 4:20pm EST by 5 Comments

Former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey and legal expert Susan Filan explain how Casey Anthony seemed to ‘get away with murder’ — and why she’s most likely a free lady, despite being charged for withholding information from law officials.

The world is still in shock from Casey Anthony‘s much-anticipated verdict July 5. While the masses believed the 25-year-old mother to be guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, the Florida jury acquitted her, finding her guilty only for giving false information to law enforcement regarding the case. Although Casey could be sentenced to a maximum of four years in prison for her crimes, two legal experts tell they doubt she’ll spend much more time behind bars — if any at all!

“The judge may hammer her. He could conceivable put her in there for four years,” former U.S. Attorney and author of Spinning the Law: Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion Kendall Coffey says, adding, “However, [he very well may decide] the time she’s served is already sufficient for the crimes for which she she was convicted.”

Legal expert Susan Filan agrees the last three years Casey spent in jail will most likely work in her favor.

“It’s likely the time Casey spent behind bars could count toward time served, meaning she could get jail credit for that time,” she explains.

Not only will Casey most likely walk away with little to no prison time, but experts understand why — and how — the jury made its shocking decision after only two days of deliberations.

“The verdict is shocking, it’s just  stunning,” Filan says. “What it means is this jury didn’t buy one single thing from the prosecution. The jury disbelieved the state’s case entirely and rejected ALL the evidence put before them.  In essence saying, ‘We don’t believe you’.  It wasn’t we don’t believe you a little, it was we don’t believe you at ALL! Their verdict was unanimous…it means they were sequestered…they will probably be shocked when they realize that the whole world believes Casey is guilty.”

Coffey believes the defense’s closing arguments — which highlighted gaps in the prosecutions forensic and circumstantial evidence — encouraged the jury to “embrace the reasonable doubt standard.” Plus, he says the motive for premeditated murder was “virtually non-existent,” making the final decision to acquit Casey “a tribute to the independence of juries in our justice system.”

He explains, “It doesn’t matter what the talking heads predicted, the jury reaches its own decisions. Despite the frustration of many of what’s seen as getting away with murder, it’s a reminder about how well a jury protects us all by the decisions that can be made by the government.”

What do you think about Casey Anthony’s verdict? Do you think our judicial system failed us — or do you think justice was served?

Kirstin Benson, with additional reporting by Sandra Clark

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Posted at 5:21 PM on July 6, 2011  

Let her walk away with no jail time, where will this girl go? Home to her family? I don’t think so. Maybe to her partying friends? I mean who could/would or even want be her friend? OR let her be around any kids?
Would anyone hire her for a job? Rent her an apartment? Give her a visa card?

Everywhere she goes, everyone knows about her and have their own opinions of her, she will not have much of a life, this will haunt her and turn her crazy and you know how that goes, its just a short slip into porn or drugs.

Karma will bite her back and HARD!!

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Posted at 10:20 PM on July 5, 2011  

This simply is one groups fault, The State. They should have held on the trial and gathered more evidence. True she may have killed her, but the evidence was sloppy, and the Prosecutions reason of Murder was iffy.
The Jury did what they had to do, as much as we all d not like it, this is our system. From dealing with law and studying it, the State has the burden of Facts. They just did not do what the needed to do.
All you people who think that the Jury did anything wrong, you are a moron. Facts, and reasonable doubt is the case.
I still think that she should have been convicted of Aggravated Child Abuse, the facts were there, but the State focused to much on the Murder then anything.

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Posted at 5:41 PM on July 5, 2011  

I absoloutely shocked. I actually cried when the verdict was read out.

Rest in peace, beautiful little Caylee. Hopefully someday, you’ll get the justice you REALLY deserve and your horrible ‘mother’ will be locked up and the key thrown away.

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Posted at 4:46 PM on July 5, 2011  

judgement day will come for her and the 12 jurors and that rotten lawyer of hers. caylee so sorry justice wasnt given to u today. and sorry mommy will spend eternity with sadam and bin laden.

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Posted at 4:22 PM on July 5, 2011  

It’s OJ, all over again. Disgusting.

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