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Bonnie Says: Casey Anthony You Are Guilty Of Being A Terrible Mom, Even If You're Not A Convicted Murderess!

Wed, July 6, 2011 5:05pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 22 Comments

The Casey Anthony jury made the right decision NOT to convict you. But while you couldn’t be proved a murderess beyond a reasonable doubt — you have PROVEN you were a nightmare mother to poor little Caylee.

Here’s the reason so many of us feel sick about you, Casey Anthony, getting off the hook for murdering Caylee, your two-year-old. We understand that HUGE questions were never answered by the prosecution ie: how Caylee died? why there was no forensic evidence? and what your real motive might be for murdering your daughter, besides a desire to party?

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Those unanswered questions, meant that you had to escape a guilty verdict even though 90 per cent of Hollymoms polled think you are guilty. And it’s much better that you went free if there wasn’t strong enough evidence for a conviction than to have you go to jail if there was any chance that you were innocent. That’s the way our legal system is supposed to work.

But here’s what we moms can’t get over – you didn’t report little Caylee missing … EVER. Any normal mom would have been panicked if their young child was missing for five minutes, let alone for days. I once lost sight of my then five-year-old in a crowded department store for two minutes and I had a hysterical meltdown. I literally COULDN‘T breathe. So that’s why every loving mom feels in her gut that you were guilty, despite the verdict. No mother that isn’t a sicko would party, enter Hot Body contests, get tattoos that say “bella vita (beautiful life),” and then make up any number of crazy stories about where their child was, when questioned by their mother, let alone police, when their toddler had disappeared. Normal moms would be begging the police to find their child, even going on TV pleading for their safe return.

You either are a sociopath who is incapable of having feelings for anyone but yourself or you are an intensely narcissistic selfish woman who really did see your daughter as an inconvenience, so you were relieved when she accidentally drowned or disappeared.

There’s no way that you were a good mother. Good mothers don’t party when their children are missing.

So while you may not be a murderess, you are still guilty of being the nations’ # 1 Worst Mom. Congratulations on your new status — are you celebrating?

— Bonnie Fuller

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