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'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert's Bad Boy Bentley Williams Is 'Mentally Unstable!'

Wed, July 6, 2011 9:39am EDT by 2 Comments

Bentley’s ex-wife says that Bentley ‘was extremely inconsistent’ — while another insider reveals that Bentley ‘acts like he has a split personality!’

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert was lead on by bad boy Bentley Williams to believe that he was falling in love with her while at the same time he talked smack about her behind her back to the cameras. Well there just may be a reason for Bentley’s disgusting behavior. A source tells In Touch magazine that Bentley has mental issues and his ex-wife Suzette Davis says that Bentley acted just as two-faced with her as he did with Ashley!

“He acts like he has a split personality,” the source explains. “He’s very unstable.”

Bentley has a history of alternating personalities. “He was extremely inconsistent with me, sending me mixed signals,” Suzette shares of her two-year marriage to Bentley. “It was very emotionally unhealthy, unsafe and draining.”

And a year and a half after their divorce, Bentley’s psycho tendencies spurted up again when he chose to go compete on the hit ABC reality show. “We’d been divorced for about 18 months, but we’d been spending a lot of time together trying to make up,” remembers Suzette.

It was out of no where that he decided to leave. “I thought he was insane,” notes Suzette. But Bentley tried to calm her with the notion that he was only going on the show to promote his business. “It didn’t sound like it was a big deal,” she admits.

As soon as Bentley returned home from filming, his lies continued. “He said he wanted tot make it work with me,” fesses Suzette — all the while Bentley denied that he had any intimate interactions with Ashley.

But Bentley got caught as soon as the show aired. “The way he was on TV just reaffirmed my earlier decision to divorce him,” says Suzette. “He does have a sweet, tender side, but he can turn cruel in a heartbeat.”

“At the end of the day, I feel bad for him,” adds the source. “He’s so unstable, I don’t even think that Bentley knows who Bentley is.”

BFFs — does this make you feel bad for Bentley too or is he still a bad guy in your eyes?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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