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Should You Be Upset If Your BFF Is Super-Friendly With Your Ex, Like Ashley Tisdale Is With Zac Efron?

Tue, July 5, 2011 12:31pm EDT by Add first Comment

Should Vanessa Hudgens feel betrayed that her best girl friend is so close with her ex-boyfriend?

Ashley Tisdale has been getting pretty cozy with best friend Vanessa Hudgens ex-boyfriend Zac Efron lately. Although the two are friends, Ash and Zac had a pretty intimate day in Malibu on July 2. Should V be upset, or should she trust her bestie implicitly?

The former High School Musical co-stars attended a friend’s beach party over July 4th weekend, and seemed to have had a happy reunion. They frolicked in the ocean, she rode on his shoulders and it appeared that they were flirting. They have known one another just as long as Vanessa and Zac did — since 2005.

Ashley clearly felt that her actions may have been misconstrued, since it did, in fact, appear that she was getting touchy-feely with Zac. She tweeted a photo of she and her longtime boyfriend, Scott Speer and said that Zac was like her ‘brother.’ Can you say ‘damage control’?

If Ashley thinks there’s something for Vanessa to be upset about, there probably is. Would you want to see photos post on Facebook of your best friend hugging it out with your ex, even if the relationship was strictly platonic? What if, like Zac, your ex had dumped you and you were still really upset about it? Total betrayal!

We have to factor in that Ashley and Zac have always been close. They starred in the same film, and she hung out with him non-stop while he and V were dating. She shouldn’t have to give up her friendship with him. However, because Vanessa is actually her best friend, she should have been more discreet and less affectionate with Zac.

This trifecta has a sticky situation given that they all basically grew up together and have all been close for so long, but in general, I wouldn’t blame you one bit for being furious if your best friend is hanging out with your ex. There is such a thing as loyalty, and your BFF should know how to have it!


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