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Do We REALLY Have To Give Up Dirty Martinis, Cheese & Oysters For A Baby?

Tue, July 5, 2011 3:27pm EDT by Add first Comment

As they enter their second trimester, HollyBaby bloggers Sarah and Neil, realize there are things you have to let go of… even before the baby comes!

Any parent can tell you that having a baby changes A LOT of things — not only when you welcome that little person into your life, but as soon as you see POSITIVE pop up on that pregnancy test. So, will giving up sushi be harder than sleepless nights for‘s Sarah and Neil?


Look, there are many fun things you get to do when pregnant — steal seats from people on the subway, skip the line for the bathroom, nap in the afternoon without having to justify it.  But there are a ton of things you give up, and I’m not ashamed to say I miss them.

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening was drinking dirty martinis and polishing off a dozen oysters. I even got food poisoning from oysters once and that only set me off of them for a month. However, they happen to be on the “No Fly List” of pregnancy food. UGH.

I’m also a huge fan of cheese plates, I have a Murray’s Cheese punch card that gets more of a workout than my quads, and although the majority of cheese in the States is pasteurized I couldn’t stand the, ‘Oh you’re eating CHEESE while pregnant?’ comments from other women. Normally I would just smack them, but I don’t think Pregnant and Muay Thai Fighting will be quite as successful as Pregnant in Heels.

So I’ve said goodbye to some of my favorite addictions for nine months. Oh, and just so he can feel like we’re in this together, I’m making Neil give them up too. Because I’m fat and cranky… so there!

I know that I’m not the only one here! Mammas, what were some of the foods you hated giving up the most?

–Sarah Main


While we were planning getting pregnant, one of our frequent conversations revolved around food and drink, and more specifically what she would not be able inhale during those nine months. But, I didn’t realize at the time how much I would be getting roped into this new diet as well.

The obvious ones we knew; Sarah is partial to a fine glass of Pinot Noir, or a plastic beaker or box wine if push comes to shove, and french cheese farmers were ready to go on strike when they learned about the impending dip in their business.

To be safe, our doctor warned us away from sushi, and I’m still struggling with my conscience as to whether sneaking off at lunchtime to my favorite Japanese restaurant for a sashimi platter and a dragon roll qualifies as infidelity.

The food that pregnant women have to give up are well noted, but it’s the things that she has developed a taste for that have really surprised me. I wasn’t too upset that our wine cellar was not being re-stocked, as I prefer a cold glass of imported beer during the summer, and Sarah has been very disciplined about staying away from her favorite Bud Light.

Her appetite for meat has almost completely disappeared, along with its inclusion on MY menu. I keep telling her she needs protein to help the baby grow — her solution is egg whites. A nice porterhouse has been replaced by reuben sandwiches, sour candy and pretzels as she tries to find a fix for her salt craving.

There has been one upside to the food situation though, namely curry. I’m English, so I have a built-in predilection for Indian food, but it was always too spicy for Sarah’s delicate system. Now however, not two days go by before she’s suggesting we slip into the city for a nice “Ruby Murray” (Cockney slang for curry!). I’m not sure of the exact reason for the sudden taste for rogan josh and chicken tikka masala, although I suspect it can be quite a sudden cure for that pregnancy-induced upset stomach.

I am hoping that this will outlast the pregnancy and we can enjoy many future trips to the Indian restaurants of Curry Hill. That will certainly be worth the six remaining months of sneaking sushi.

–Neil Eggleton

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