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If 'Monte Carlo' Tanks, Will Selena Gomez's Career Be Doomed?

Thu, June 30, 2011 7:15pm EDT by 18 Comments

Selena Gomez and her comedy ‘Monte Carlo’ are getting reamed by critics for being fluffy, ‘bland’ and ‘low energy!’ Does this mean the 18-year-old starlet’s adult acting dreams are doomed?

Selena Gomez burst onto the Disney Channel scene in a big way. With a recurring role on The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, followed by the leading role for four years on The Wizards of Waverly Place, plus three albums with her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, and countless fashion endorsement deals, the 18-year-old Latina couldn’t have had more success in the pre-teen and teen market if she tried. Unfortunately, Selena’s foray into the adult demographic — where she so longs to be — might not be as seamless, as is evident by early reviews from her second feature film, Monte Carlo.

“Gomez is likewise adequately cute, but too bland to lend the proceedings any vivid character, except for the few scenes that allow her to indulge her cold, sarcastic, nasty side as Cordelia,” writes Nick Schager of Slant Magazine of Selena’s performance in the romantic comedy, which hits theaters July 1.

Yikes! Schager’s critique seems rather harsh for what appears to be a fun, light-hearted young adult comedy — but it’s not the only negative review.

Jake Coyle of the Associated Press writes, “Gomez, while endearingly earnest, doesn’t command the screen. It’s essentially her first semi-adult film, and one feels her stretching.”

“[The movie is] chirpy, it’s bright, there are pretty locations and lots happens. This is the kind of movie that can briefly hold the attention of a cat,” Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times says.

Clearly, Monte Carlo isn’t going  to be up for any Oscars next year. But does this mean Selean’s career in non-Disney projects is doomed?

I don’t think so. However, I predict Selena will have far more success on the small screen — as the lead of another hit show — than she will in film.

Look at Hilary Duff, who starred on Disney Channel’s Lizzie Mcquire from 2001-2004. Almost 24, Hilary is still struggling to define herself as anything other than a former Disney teen star. Despite starring in numerous feature films, the closest she’s come to breaking out of her old mold is her guest starring role on Gossip Girl.

Although I put Selena on a much higher pedestal than Hilary, I can see the same thing happening to her if she doesn’t pick her projects wisely. If Monte Carlo tanks, Selena should pursue a TV career and drop the feature film route because if she continues to do movies that don’t perform well in the box office, her stock will plummet lower and lower.

That said, fellow Disney princess Miley Cyrus has managed to have a somewhat successful film career outside of her role on Hannah Montana. However, I think Miley made a smart decision by blasting out of her “goody two-shoes” type and becoming a harder Can’t Be Tamed rockstar. It’s helped audiences put distance between the Disney star Miley and the adult actress Miley.

I don’t see Selena ever taking the same route. She has openly expressed her appreciation for her younger fans and has said she’ll never do anything to alienate them — so even if she cakes on some extra makeup or holds hands with Justin Bieber, don’t expect to see Selena Gomez swinging around on a pole in leather a la Miley — it’s just not going to happen.

This is why I think Selena needs to tour with her band, relish all the attention she’s getting now and start plotting a hit network comedy series that centers around her fun life. With such a charismatic personality, positive attitude and fresh look, Selena belongs on the small screen, in our houses every night — not in B-list romantic comedies.

How do you feel about Selena’s non-Disney career? Do you see her becoming a mega-actress in films, or will she flourish more on the small screen? Sound off below!

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