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Javier Colon: Justin Bieber 'May Have' Helped Me Win 'The Voice'

Thu, June 30, 2011 2:58am EDT by 19 Comments
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‘The Voice’ winner Javier Colon acknowledges Justin Bieber could have helped him win the two percent margin over Dia Frampton! Plus he reveals he’d like to duet with runner-up Dia. Watch his and Adam’s interviews!

Javier Colon was on cloud nine today after The Voice results show where he was crowned winner. He beat out Dia Frampton by less than two percent of the vote in an extremely close race. “I was honestly very prepared to hear Carson [Daly] say ‘Dia Frampton’,” reveals Javier. But this season’s frontrunner took home the $100,000 price and Universal Records deal. The force that is Justin Bieber threw his support behind Javier with a tweet last night that the show ended up airing on television, could this have helped Javier get that extra push to the victorious finish line?

“The vote being a two percent difference, it very well could have [gone to either of us]. Hopefully we’ve all won, in a sense,” Javier said of his fellow contestants. “I’m honored to have the official win. But I was honestly very prepared to hear Carson [Daly] say Dia Frampton. I was prepared to hug her and tell her how much I love her because I do. I love her as a person, I love her as an artist.” asked Javier if he thought Justin Bieber helped him out. “He very well may have,” Javier admitted. “He sent out a tweet to all of his people, and we won by two percent. I don’t know how many of them voted or how many of them just maybe followed me on Twitter. But I’m thankful to everyone who lent their support, who told their folks to give me a chance.” Javier also thanked fellow singer Ernie Halter, his mom and his family. So sweet!

So would Javier be interested in a duet with the Biebs, who is good friends with Javier’s coach Adam Levine? “I don’t know, maybe! We might have to talk,” he exclaims.

Javier’s new single “Stitch by Stitch” soared to the top of iTunes yesterday, something he calls “amazing” and “unexpected”, hitting the #2 mark just under Dia Frampton’s number one spot. He constantly repeated how much he respected Dia and said, “I want to sing with Dia. I want to do duets with everybody. I’d love to do something with Dia, with Vicci [Martinez] …  Nakia would be fun … sing a country song with Curtis [Grimes] or with Patrick [Thomas].

But his favorite duet of all time might be tonight’s performance of “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks. “I almost lost it in rehearsals,” admits Javier. “The nerves were running through me in the first take. We started the couple run-thrus that we did. When I turned to her to start singing the harmony, I realized what I was doing. I realized I was singing this beautiful song with Stevie Nicks and it hit me […] I just got really choked up. I was like ‘Pull it together, you can’t cry in front of Stevie Nicks you gotta do what she wants you to do and that is sing, not cry,'” adds the singer. “I dont know that I will be able to top that.” (Sidenote: Dia admitted she cried while watching Javier and Stevie perform!)

Tonight was a magical night for Javier who has overcome a lot of disappointments in the music industry, and confessed he almost didn’t audition for The Voice at all, but his brother convinced him to do so.

Coach Adam Levine was just as excited as Javier, speaking to reporters afterward about how “overwhelmed” and “in shock” he was. “Javier from the beginning was the person that deserved to win this. Everybody else was incredibly talented, it could have gone any way, and I’m just happy it went his. The first thing I did was start crying like a baby, just gave him a really big long hug.”

He adds, “I wasn’t sure if I’d be a good coach or a bad coach. I think I was a good coach. I like that about myself.” Adam went on to confirm he is coming back next season, and also revealed the suit Javier wore last night was the one he personally gifted him a few weeks ago. Additionally he said he’d love to duet with Javier again, and commented on the gay-friendliness of The Voice. Watch his interviews below!

Are you happy Javier won? Do you think Justin Bieber’s endorsement helped him out or was it based on his raw talent? Were you Team Adam?

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