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Dia Frampton: Before 'The Voice' I Was 'Hanging On By A Thread'

Thu, June 30, 2011 8:00pm EDT by 8 Comments
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Dia Frampton recalls when she used to struggle for gas money, and marvels at how far she’s come. Watch her interview and find out what direction she’d like to take with her new album and whether or not she’s spoken to Kanye about her rendition of ‘Heartless’!

Dia Frampton lost The Voice finale lost night by less than two percent to Javier Colon, but she’s won thousands of new fans and has the honor of soaring to the top of the iTunes charts and holding strong at number one. This wasn’t always the case, however, and Dia is not quick to forget the times she was low on cash and recorded albums with the dishwasher on. “I know its really corny, but never give up!”, Dia exclaims to those who wish to follow their dreams. “I was hanging by a thread.”

“My band Meg & Dia actually played on ‘The Carson Daly Show’ like 5 years ago,” reveals Dia, who laughed and said The Voice host didn’t remember her. “People are saying you are already successful, etc, but we were on a major label and we got dropped. It was to the point where we were touring and I would think ‘How much is gas right now and how far is California, ’cause we can’t make that.’ And it was very stressful and difficult and I am just excited to move forward.”

Dia reveals she’s moving forward with her solo career, although she’ll still work on things with her sister and band. “With Meg & Dia, especially with our last record, we recorded a lot of it at our mom’s house, and you can hear the dishwasher running in some of the songs. She refused to stop her life for our record!” laughs Dia. “She’s adorable. But [the record] kind of has a folky earthy feel to it, and I love that about Meg & Dia, but for the next one I want to make it more upbeat, more rock, and I am excited to experiment.”

Dia may even start working with her fellow Voice contestants! “Javier and Vikki [Martinez] were talking about writing, we want to write together.” She also said a duet with Xenia would “be awesome” and reiterated her desire to write music for the 16-year-old. “I would love writing for her because she has such a unique voice and I think I know what she would sing about since I know her personality.”

But the performances she’s enjoyed most so far have been the ones with her coach Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert. “They are such positive people to be around. My duet with Blake and my duet with Miranda was the highlight of the entire show for me,” admits Dia, who couldn’t stop praising the country duo a and revealed the countless gifts they’ve given her and the other members of Team Blake. She says Miranda told her, ‘If you need anything after the show is over, don’t be scared to call. We have your back, we will be around.”

And for those of you dying to know if Kanye West reached out to her after hearing “Heartless” Dia replies, “He didn’t. But I wish!” and then has a complete fan girl moment about Tom Petty. Watch the videos below to see Dia in all her glory as the gracious singer, who says she’s “honored” she got to stand next to winner Javier Colon, continues to win us over with her upbeat and genuine personality.

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