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Casey Anthony Will Not Testify In Court — Are You Disappointed?

Thu, June 30, 2011 6:13pm EDT by 2 Comments

With the words, “the defense rests,” many people left the Orlando, FL courthouse still wanting to hear Casey’s side of the story.

And that’s not the only cliffhanger. Cindy Anthony‘s bombshell testimony that it was she who searched for “chloroform” on the family computer instead of her daughter may be disproven by documents!

After two very long weeks of presenting evidence to the jury, the defense team is done, giving the prosecution a chance for rebuttal followed by closing arguments.

Casey Anthony, 25, the mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee back in 2008, was reportedly getting very anxious to take the stand herself. While this would have undoubtedly been a crowd pleaser for those following the case, her defense advised against it.

Judge Perry Belvin asked, “Is it your decision not to testify?,” to which she replied “Yes, sir.”

“And have you had ample time to discuss this with your attorney?” Perry asked.

“Yes sir,” she answered.

Another shocking turn to come late in the case are documents that could falsify Cindy’s testimony about her searches for ‘chloroform’ on the family computer while also searching for ‘chlorophyll.’ She claimed that she had come home from work in the middle of the day — but was it a cover up to save her daughter from the death penalty?

Forensic expert John Bradley testified earlier in the trial that one specific website on chloroform had been visited around 80 times. The user, according to Bradley, spent a total of three minutes and 11 seconds on five sites relating to chloroform. He also testified that the user appeared to visit Facebook and MySpace pages periodically while searching.

State attorneys have subpoenaed documents from Gentiva Health Services, Cindy’s former employer, which can supposedly prove that she was in fact working during the hours that she said she was home.

Casey’s defense was upset about this new evidence, but Judge Belvin ruled them admissable, saying “Trials are supposed to be about a search for the truth.”

–Brooke Peoples

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