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Meet The Brave Baby Boy Who Was Born With No Skin!

Wed, June 29, 2011 4:53pm EDT by Add first Comment

One month old Brody Curtis was born with a rare disease that left him without skin on most of his body.

Brody Curtis‘ mouth is full of blisters and he has to be covered in bandages to protect him from infections. So sad.

The brave little boy inherited the rare condition, called epidermolysis bullosa, from his parents Heather and Chuck. Both they and their 5-year-old daughter McKenna are carriers but don’t suffer the disease.

It effects just one in 20,000 babies and there’s no known. All the Curtises can do is keep Brody’s skin wrapped and hope it starts to grow on the effected areas.

Heather Curtis from Charlestown, Indiana, shared her fears for Brody’s future during an appearance on Good Morning America. She said, “We do know that different forms can cause early death in life and it can cause skin cancer. Some people go on to be blind or have deformities in their bodies. But we just don’t know.”

But little Brody’s determined to put a brave face on, despite being so young. Heather adds, “He doesn’t show any pain until we do the bandage changes. And he’s gotten a lot better. All of his appendages are healed pretty good, except for his left leg. The skin is growing back and it scabs over and is not like an open wound anymore. … We hope he’ll be one of the lucky ones and still be active and play sports and grow up to be a normal kid.

We’re rooting for you, Brody!

— Ian Garland

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