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Lorena On 'The Voice': Blake Shelton Is The Most Dedicated Coach And Dia Frampton Might Win It All!

Tue, June 28, 2011 3:55pm EDT by 15 Comments
Courtesy of NBC

I love Javier Colon but I think Dia Frampton has what it takes to beat the frontrunner, and a lot of it has to do with how amazing Blake Shelton has been as a coach.

The Voice finale is tonight and I can’t wait to see what the final four contestants have in store for us! I’m especially excited to hear Dia Frampton‘s song tonight, since I’m pulling for her to win tomorrow. Dia has proven to be not only a singer, but a uniquely talented artist capable of compiling original renditions of popular songs. She’s a joy to listen to, especially live. Dia has raw talent, but I still think the reason she is at the top has much to do with her excellent mentor, Blake Shelton.

Let’s face it, anybody who is competing against the magical pipes held by Javier Colon is facing a bit of a struggle. Javier has been a favorite since the beginning of the show, and I think I’ve made my adoration for him quite clear. But Dia shocked me with her beautiful version of “Heartless” and I’ve been paying close attention to her ever since, as has the rest of the viewers. I’ve been struggling between Team Adam and Team Blake (and not just because I have a crush on Levine that I try to mention every chance I get) but now that it’s down to the wire and the finale is tonight, I’d like to throw my (oh so important) support behind Dia and Blake.

Adam’s been a great coach to Javier, but even Adam himself has admitted the singer is easy to coach with his natural talent and experience. Dia was quiet towards the beginning, known more for her awkward duet with Serabee and less for her voice. But with the help of Blake she has skyrocketed to success, and last week she ranked #7 on iTunes while Javier trailed behind at #12. In addition to Dia’s vocals and her talent at arranging music, I really do think Blake has been integral in her path to the final four.

Here’s why I think Blake has proven to be the most dedicated coach out of the panel of four:

  • He is constantly focusing the media’s attention on Dia (and Xenia when she was in the competition) and making almost all of his Voice-related interviews about the singers he coaches.
  • He used his own Twitter to urge more followers towards his contestants, even long after they’d been eliminated from the competition. Dia now has the most of all the final four with 69K followers!
  • His country music background differs from Dia’s music genre but he works hard to make sure he can help her with her unique arrangements. He listened to “Losing My Religion” on repeat to make sure he could provide her assistance.
  • He chose Xenia to stay on, despite criticism, because he genuinely felt he could help her career more than Jared Blake‘s and Patrick Thomas‘s careers which he thought could do great on their own.
  • Last week he stayed after The Voice taping on Tuesday and made a point of speaking to every single reporter, walking the full press line which no other coach did, in order to fully promote his girls.
  • He brought Dia and Xenia on tour with him, and also performed “Honey Bee” on the show last week with the girls, again putting them on stage in order to divert the spotlight away from himself and onto his mentorees.
  • As soon as the voting polls opened Blake checked his phone multiple times while backstage and stays glued to iTunes, where Dia and Xenia both performed phenomenally last week.
  • Blake even has his new wife involved, asking the Grammy winner to sing a duet with Dia Frampton on stage tomorrow! He’s made his team a family, and Dia and Xenia are close friends and still stay in touch.

So tell me, do you guys agree? Do you think Blake is the most dedicated coach? Or do you think Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green or Adam Levine has him beat? And do you think Dia will win tomorrow night? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil

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