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'The Big C' Recap: Is Cathy Becoming A Pothead?

Tue, June 28, 2011 1:55am EDT by Add first Comment

Season two gets off to an amazing start as Cathy finds an exciting new way to deal with her cancer — weed! Is this the right Showtime show?

The episode starts off with Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) on a jog with her brother Sean Tolkey (John Benjamin Hickey) in their neighborhood of a Minneapolis suburb. Cathy has images of Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) — who committed suicide at the end of season one, Cathy’s son Adam (Gabriel Basso), with a needle, and Cathy’s oncologist Dr. Todd Mauer (Reid Scott) blowing kisses. Cathy wakes up in fright in her hospital bed from the “nightmare.” Her husband Paul (Oliver Platt) is sitting in the chair next to her and is startled when he sees Cathy awake and sweating. The next scene flashes to Cathy at Dr. Mauer’s office. He advises Cathy there is not much else she can do regarding her stage four melanoma and she should smoke some pot.

Cathy tells him she wants to seek a second opinion.

The show then focuses on Sean and Rebecca (Cynthia Nixon) in bed having sex at Rebecca’s home. Rebecca is Cathy’s longtime friend, who has somewhat of a strenuous relationship with Cathy because she disappeared for quite a while and is now pregnant with Sean’s child.

The next scene is Cathy and Paul trying to convince Adam to speak with a shrink to help him get through his mother’s cancer. Adam plays chess with the shrink and talks about how he wishes he was just hanging out with his friends instead. Cathy and Paul then meet with the shrink and discuss Adam’s farting problem because he keeps flagellating on purpose in front of Cathy.

Cathy is in her kitchen putting together lunch for Sean when Rebecca walks in and notices all of Cathy’s meds. Cathy freaks out and tells her she has cancer. The pills fall on the kitchen floor and Cathy’s dog, Thomas, swallows two muscle relaxers. Rebecca ends up telling Sean of Cathy’s cancer and he gets mad at Cathy for not telling him. He builds a fence outside of his house — they are neighbors living across the street from one another.

Cathy and Paul decide to go and pick up some pot. Paul calls his dealer from 20 years ago and he is still around. They do a sketchy high school-esque pick-up at a garbage dump. The married couple are smoking pot together in bed and laughing and having a good time until Cathy tells Paul that Dr. Mauer kissed her on the lips in Canada last week. Paul finds it funny since he is high but the next day he goes to Dr. Mauer’s office and punches him in the face. He calls him a “rookie” and tells him that Cathy has been trying to seek a second opinion, someone more experienced to help her.

Cathy has been trying to call another doctor for an appointment but she keeps getting put off. She decides to go to his office herself to get an appointment and she finally is able to get one.

At home, Paul thinks Thomas the dog is dead from the muscle relaxers and tells Cathy of the bad news. Minutes later, Thomas comes in alive. They are relieved and Cathy reflects on Marlene and how happy she would be to know that her dog Thomas is alive.

The episode ends with Cathy telling Adam that he does not have to see a shrink anymore as long as he at least talks about his problems with his mother’s cancer with Cathy or anyone else. She gives him a big hug and farts…payback is a bitch!!

-Haley Draznin