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'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Alpha Wolf Is No Match For Stiles' Awkward Sexual Questions!

Tue, June 28, 2011 12:24am EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments

Plus, two familiar ‘Vampire Diaries’ faces dropped by. Did you catch them?

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) search for the Alpha Wolf continued on the June 27 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, as did Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) whimsical journey of social, and sexual, awkwardness — but I’ll get to him later. The Alpha, who appears to be tracking Jackson (Colton Haynes), also drew the attention of a few nosy hunters, including Allison’s super-hot, pistol-packing Aunt Kate (Jill Wagner.) Werewolves beware…

Kate and her merry band of fur fighters tried to pump Derek for information, but when they realized he has no clue who the Alpha is either, they opened fire. He and his bushy eyebrows managed to escape unscathed, though not before learning a shocking truth: His sister wasn’t killed by the hunters — she was killed by the Alpha!

OK, now back to Stiles. Everyone’s favorite tweaker finally got Lydia (Holland Roden) right where he wanted her — passed out, alone, in her bedroom — only to discover a video text message on her phone from the night of the video store attack, which she had witnessed but somehow forgot. The text contained clear footage of the Alpha, or whatever it was, and Stiles decided it was best to just delete it. Finally, a good decision! He must have remembered to take his Ridlin.

Earlier that day, however, Stiles was decidedly less stable. After trying to get more info. about Jackson from his buddy Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), he posed the question he’d tried to ask the week before: “Do you find me attractive?” …No response from Danny. Then I’m pretty sure Stiles fell off his chair. This kid is bananas.

I’m pretty sure Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) were also in this episode, but they were kind of off in the woods doing their own thing. It was Allison’s birthday, so she and Scott decided to play hookie in the woods — a nice break for the couple whose encounters have been mostly tense thus far.

Question: Who else noticed the two Vampire Diaries actors who seem to have migrated to Beacon Hills? Lydia’s mom is played by Susan Walters, who plays Tyler’s mom on The Vampire Diaries; and Robert Pralgo, who played Tyler’s dad, now plays Jackson’s! (It’s a small world. And apparently there are werewolves in every town.)

My only gripe about the episode? Scott didn’t say “freaking” once. Not once! Seriously, I was ready to keep count and everything. Perhaps next week, McCall. Perhaps next week…

OK, now it’s your turn to start talking nonsense. Who do you think the Alpha, or Alphas, could be?

— Andy Swift

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