Casey Anthony May Be Suffering A Breakdown, Experts Tell HollyBaby!

Mon, June 27, 2011 4:49pm EST by 3 Comments

The accused killer has ‘deep psychological issues’ and may be having an ‘emotional breakdown’ as she stands trial for her daughter Caylee’s murder.

Experts tell exclusively that they suspect Casey Anthony may even suffer from a personality disorder, which prompted her defense team’s bid to have a mistrial declared. Do you agree?

The Casey Anthony murder trial was rocked on Monday, June 27, by news the defense had filed a motion for a mistrial on the grounds Casey is not competent to stand trial. Casey was evaluated and ruled fit to carry on in court.

But the attempt — incredibly rare DURING a trial — has left court watchers wondering what prompted it and what “not competent” means.

Leading psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere tells that it is “an inability to understand the charges against her, an inability to understand court proceedings, and/or an inability to participate in her own defense. Normally we ask for a competency evaluation before the trial begins. It’s much more rare to do an evaluation of this nature in the middle of the trial than before the trial begins.”

And Dr. Gardere has his theories on what prompted the unusual move. He says, “I don’t know what happened. Maybe she’s having an emotional breakdown.”

“Maybe there’s something going on psychologically. She seems to have deep psychological issues; not depression or schizophrenia, more an anti-social personality disorder, whether she’s responsible for the death of her child or not,” he adds.

Clinical social worker Jennifer Spitz agrees with Dr. Gardere — adding that the mistrial bid could have been to try and stop an unfit and delusional Casey from taking the stand.

She says, “If she gets on the stand, so much of it is manufactured or interpretations of the truth. There are too many possible ways for her to contradict herself.”

Have you been watching the trial, HollyMoms. What do you think?

– Ian Garland

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Posted at 8:43 AM on June 28, 2011  

That garbage, Margene, sounds as crazy as Casey or part of her legal team. She IS responsible for her daughter’s death. Even if she drowned in the pool as her defense claims, she had the responsibility to call fr help and then properly care for her remains. She is a selfish brat and she deserves death. But they shouldn’t worry about burial cost, just throw her out like trash, as she did Caylee’s body, and let the animals rip her remains apart and feed on her. So sick of the theories. She was her mother and has the duty to care for her child. Her neglet or actions caused the death of her daughter. Period.

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Sandy Pister

Posted at 3:18 PM on July 2, 2011  

Could not have said it better myself.


Who else would have the access to all things, including dumping site, found at “burial” site but Casey and her family. The remaining family members were obviously heartbroken and devastated, everyone but Psycho Mom, Casey.
No normal mother acts that way for 30 plus days and she’s not the one who called the police.

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Posted at 12:27 AM on June 28, 2011  

It would take months for a proper diagnosis of schizophrenia to be made. The shrinks probably work for the state of Florida. The best evidence is the 2 years she had imaginary friends. When she said to her friend that she was a good liar, she was reasurring herself that she wasn’t sick. A couple of things she said: she didn’t know what was going on: correct. There is more chance that the scuz meter man duct-taped the child for a sexual assault than a fairly good mother all of a sudden became abusive. Not one call to DSS so don’t go there! Another thing she said that I that I think is true: the police said they were going to pin it on her. They did. Roy Kronk’s girlfriend worked for the cops.
After he got away with kidnapping in SC, got away with duct-taping his ex, and peeping on the little step-daughter, a good move for the ex-bail bondsman was to have friends in LE. Why put extra things from the house near the home? Was she framing herself? So, she’s a cold-blooded killer and she planned the murder and drew attention to herself. She spoke enough Spanish to teach Caylee to count to 40 in Spanish. If she was deliberately lying, she would have picked the name Maria instead of the less common name Zenaida. She became mentally ill after post-partum depression. It went untreated and that is why she lost her job at Universal. Amy H. and Roy Kronk don’t want us to look at their phone records as a matter of privacy. That is crapola! The prosecutor released the party pictures to get a headstart. Then there is the stink-can junk science, used 1st ever brand new for this case! And do you think those 2 Rockford Files types(shows my age!) were the only ones in the neighborhood that searched the area off Suburban Drive?!

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