Who's Worse — Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin? They Both Bash The Fathers of Their Children!

Mon, June 27, 2011 8:12pm EST by 9 Comments

Both women are attempting to make themselves look good by slamming the men they once loved. So, what effect will it have on their kids? Experts weigh in!

This all comes down to one simple question: Should Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin be bashing their former men in the media and on national TV or should they keep their mouths shut? They are the fathers of their children after all!

First Kate goes on and on, slamming ex husband Jon Gosselin, claiming that he only sees their eight kids four days a month. “I do wish he would see them more, but that is what he has chosen,” Kate told Access Hollwood in early June. “The kids would like to see him more.”

And then today, June 27, on Good Morning America, Bristol bashed former fiance Levi Johnston, accusing him of “stealing” her virginity and abandoning their son, 2-year-old Tripp. She said, he “certainly (doesn’t see Tripp) as much as he’s entitled to,” adding, “I don’t know if Levi will be a big role model in his life at all. I’m not worried about it.”

Experts tell HollyBaby.com that these women are not only ruining their own reputations, but are hindering the self-esteem of their kids — even if they don’t know it. “It is horrendous to be bashing the reputation of the father of your child,” relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle tells us. “The child needs to have a desire and
belief to be with daddy and doesnt need to have to apologize for wanting to have a bond with the father.”

“As they grow older, they will have their own opinion about daddy, but right now, this has a tendency of making them question who they are, why they were brought up in the world,” Dr. Carle adds. “These mothers, without knowing it are setting up
very poor self esteem in these children. And it only shows how insecure and uneducated they are.”

Dr. Carole Lieberman agrees, but believes that each of them are speaking out for different reasons. “Bristol Palin is still suffering heartbreak from Levi,” Dr. Lieberman, psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them
and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets,
tells HollyBaby.com.

“When she bashes him in the media it is because she is still very hurt and angry. Especially since he seemed to want reconciliation with her and then it did not work. She wants to get back at him for breaking her heart.”

On the other hand: “When Kate bashes John in the media, her heart isn’t still breaking for him, but he has humiliated her in the media by dating one woman after another,” Dr. Lieberman adds. “She is getting revenge by bashing him.”

But still, both experts feel that Bristol and Kate should always keep their children in mind rather than themselves and the “fame” this might bring them. “People in the media should always keep in mind how what they do and say will impact the future of their children,” Dr. Lieberman concludes.

So HollyMoms, who’s worse — Bristol or Kate OR BOTH!

–Leigh Blickley, reporting by Haley Draznin

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Posted at 8:47 AM on June 29, 2011  

There is a big difference between these two couples. A) Bristol and Levi are kids, they don’t know any better and w/ the public notority, are learning as they go. B) Jon and Kate are adults who are behaving badly. Yes, I will finally agree, Kate’s celebrity has gone to her head, while Jon learned his lesson to “lay low”. We hear less and less about Kate and eventually she and her brood will disappear into obscurity.

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Posted at 4:50 PM on June 28, 2011  

Kate is by far the worst offender. She lies and will do anything to keep her name in the tabloids, even at the expense of bashing Jon and making her family and children feel bad.

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HI 50

Posted at 8:26 PM on June 27, 2011  

Katie Irene Kreider bashes Jon Gosselin because it’s the ONLY way she stays relevant. IF she were a star on her own, she would say, “No comment.” BUT she’s a VINDICTIVE B*tch!

Bristol, consider the source. She alledged called Katie Irene for advice while on DWTS! Remember that? HAHAHA!! She’s blaming Levi b/c she was a HORNY little Palin. Come on, she wanted something when she decided to go on a campout with her friends AND LEVI! As for visitation, the Palins blocked visits & bragged about it.

The B*TCHES needs to stop. It’s gonna come back & BITE them when the kids are older.

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Posted at 10:06 AM on June 28, 2011  

Prove it!!!!!

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HI 50

Posted at 1:29 PM on June 28, 2011  

Prove what part? The vindictive b*tch? Katie advising Bristol? Horney Palin? Visitation?


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Posted at 3:53 PM on June 28, 2011  

Hey bev, like Kate u need to pull the stick out. She is a mean vile hitch. And from the looks of the promo segments, she looks like hammered suit too. Get a grip

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HI 50

Posted at 7:43 PM on June 28, 2011  

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now everybody KNOWS WHY Katie Irene walks stiff-legged…she’s got a stick up her….

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rachel s

Posted at 7:57 PM on June 27, 2011  

They’re equally retarded, and media whores. They should do a show together.

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Posted at 10:08 AM on June 28, 2011  

I have heard it takes one to know one. Look in the mirror.

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