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'Basketball Wives' Recap: Evelyn & Tami Have a Relationship Like…Ike and Tina?

Mon, June 27, 2011 11:11pm EDT by HL Intern 8 Comments

Not too much happened on Basketball Wives this week, but we did get a closer glimpse into Evelyn’s personal life and watched as Jennifer made her first moves as a single lady!

At the beginning of the episode, Meeka and Suzie met up to discuss what happened at the polo event. Is anyone noticing a pattern here? Big fight at the end of an episode, the next episode is all about recapping that fight, leading up to the next big fight. Suzie tells Meeka that she’s still shocked about what happened. Really, Suzie? The last time you got all the girls together, glasses went flying, so what’s so shocking about a small argument over drinks? Meeka tells Suzie that from now on, Suzie shouldn’t try to mediate these types of situations because it’s just not worth it. Suzie makes this strange pouty face like she’s lost the will to live. Without a reason to try to get the group all together to fix their problems, what will Suzie do with her time?

Evelyn and Shaunie meet up at a consignment shop to discuss their trip to New York. It turns out that Tami, Jennifer, and Meeka will all be there too. Was I right or was I right?

Speaking of Jennifer and Meeka, Meeka has been wanting to set Jennifer up with someone ever since her and Eric split. This horrifies Jennifer. “I don’t even know her like that,” Jennifer says, “so how does she know my type?” They agree that Jennifer will go out with this male model, so long as Meeka and her husband tag along.

The ladies finally arrive in New York. Jennifer and Evelyn try to tell Shaunie what happened at the polo event. We all agree that no one really understands what happened.

Evelyn feels that it’s best for her daughter Shaniece to go to school in New York. They get a tour at The New School from a man named Andre who apparently has french fries for hair. He tells them one of the benefits of going to college in NYC is “living close to the library.” No one asks any questions. Shaniece, however, is still set on going to school in California and wants Evelyn to move there with her. She is adamant that she’s not moving to New York.

Shaunie, Tami, and Jennifer meet to talk about the polo event. If these women ever came across a dead horse I think they would resurrect it only to beat it to death again. Tami has been openly vocal that she doesn’t like Meeka. This is what she says her thought process was during the polo event: “I kept hearing in my mind visions of ‘She’s gonna swing.’” Yes. Those are the visions she heard.

Shaunie and Jennifer bring up the t-shirt debacle to Tami. She’s decided that she will suggest that Evelyn sell whatever she has made already, it did cost money, of course, and after that, move on.

Tami’s daughters, Lyric and Jazz, are trying to break into the music industry. And why wouldn’t they be? Their names are LYRIC and JAZZ. They’re looking for a record deal so Tami calls upon her cousin Shauna who has connections. Tami has decided that she will be the girls’ “Mom-ager,” managing their music careers. Jazz confronts Tami telling her she doesn’t like when Tami’s in the studio because she puts too much pressure on everyone. Jazz then drops the bomb that they’ve hired someone else to be their manager and cousin Shauna is the person behind the decision. The family gets into a loud screaming match in the middle of the recording studio but for some reason, no one can keep a straight face except for Tami. Literally everyone is laughing out loud as they scream at Tami. Maybe there was a mistake and this was the take that was supposed to go on the blooper reel? I can only guess here.

Evelyn and Shaniece go to visit Evelyn’s mom and sister in their Bronx apartment. Once again, they rehash the California vs. New York fight. For some reason, it seems California wins this time. Evelyn’s mom and sister ask what’s new with her and Chad. She says soon they’re going to have to really focus on planning a wedding. What about the in-vitro fertilization treatments they were beginning a few episodes ago? Did anything ever happen with that?

Evelyn reveals that she has a non-existent relationship with her father. She says she doesn’t even pick up his phone calls because she doesn’t know what to say to him but she wants to have closure.

Jennifer meets with Meeka, her husband, and the male model. Things get off to a rocky start when he reveals his name is Eric. Awkward! Jennifer comes right out and says how uncomfortable she was feeling. It didn’t help that every question she asked Eric he refused to answer for some reason. Meeka orders shots to loosen everyone up but Jennifer, “doesn’t do good with shots.” She sips half of it as everyone makes fun of her. All in all, the date wasn’t a total bust. Jennifer’s proud of herself for getting through it and feels it’s one less hurdle to get over towards her divorce.

Evelyn, Shaunie, Jennifer, and Tami meet for dinner. Evelyn says people say that she and Tami have “a Ike and Tina Turner relationship.” I’m not one of those people, for the record. Tami asks Evelyn how many t-shirts she has made to which Evelyn replies: “Not a lot. 500.” What?! On what planet is 500 not an astronomical number of t-shirts?! Regardless, Evelyn agrees to Tami’s plan. She will sell the remaining FIVE HUNDRED t-shirts and then not make anymore. Everyone is shocked that Evelyn agreed to these terms but the important thing is: they’re all friends again.

Back at Evelyn’s mother’s house she agrees to meet with her father, Nengo. It’s important for Evelyn to have closure. In an incredibly emotional moment, Nengo gets on his knees and promises that he will never lose her again and that he’s been dying to see her. It’s the closure that Evelyn has been looking for.

We won’t meet next week (Happy 4th!) but don’t forget: I’m still talking to you so, rest assured, you’re still relevant.

–Scott Galina