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'Bachelorette' Preview: Ashley Hebert Tells The Guys About Bentley & Somebody Leaves!

Mon, June 27, 2011 5:17pm EDT by 1 Comment

When Ashley confesses that she’s been bent over Bentley, the guys get pissed off, yell and threaten to leave!

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert has been spending a lot of time weeping over Bentley Williams departure — and now that he’s back, she finally gets the chance to get the closure that she needs. But Ashley’s facing a new problem — she has to tell the remaining men about what’s been going on with her and this Bentley situation. And the guys do not react well at all to the news … to the point where one man (possibly Ryan “Mickey” McLean) chooses to go home instead of continue his quest for Ashley!

“You know last week I was preaching honesty and how I wanted to be very open with everyone — and there is something I do have to tell you guys,” Ashley tells the guys. “Bentley is here in Hong Kong and out of respect for you guys, I just wanted to let you know exactly where I was at.”

Just know this makes the men mad. “We had a date and we talked about you being completely let go of your past relationships and that’s exactly what you told me,” Constantine Tzortzis responds. “And that’s a contradictory statement at this point. It’s a weird situation to be in so suddenly. “

“Why didn’t you do this earlier?” adds Lucas Daniels. “We’ve been to three different spots.”

Ashley tries to make the guys understand. “It was kind of a gradual thing,” she explains. “At first I had a hard time, but then I went through a time where I thought, ‘OK he’s gone, no big deal.’ And then I started developing these really strong feelings. And I reached a point with some of you guys where I felt like there was a road block. I wasn’t allowing myself to fall 100% because something was holding me back.

“It’s weird to me. You know, we’re putting a lot on the line as well, so,” answers Lucas, just before Ashley walks around.

“My biggest pet peeve is wasting my time. She’s wasting my time,” shouts Lucas. “I’m done,” agrees Constantine.

Mickey confronts Ashley alone. “I came here because I’m ready and I’m looking for something, but if your gut is that that’s what your looking for, please send me home. I’m just not interested,” he warns her. “I don’t know if it’s an issue of sacrificing. I just don’t see what the hell you see in that guy.”

Ashley’s about to break into tears. “[If] you feel so strongly that you want to leave, I want you to take the initiative and leave,” she cries.

And maybe that’s just what Mickey does, because one guy walks out on Ashley!

BFFs — if you were in the guys shoes, would you be mad at Ashley for lying to you?

Be sure to catch a new episode of The Bachelorette on ABC tonight June 27 — and check back here at for your recap!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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